BibBoards Patent: The One and Only Fastening Clips

May 14, 2022

BibBoards Patent: The One and Only Fastening Clips


BibBoards are One-of-A-Kind

BibBoards are the only solution to replacing your safety pins on race day. And now, Biboards are the only patented and trademarked product of their kind. When you order your BibBoards or partner with the company you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best.

BibBoards Can Never Duplicated

BibBoards Snap & Lock technology keeps your bib secured to your shirt on race day. The technology used to make BibBoards the best safety pin alternative is patented for use in both the USA and Canada. This means that when you order BibBoards, you’re ordering the real deal. Any other products that attempt to imitate are knockoffs and therefore are passing cheap materials and stolen intellectual property to you. If you want to perform your best on race day, get the best, and only, solution for securing your bib to your race day shirt without puncturing holes in the fabric or pricking your fingers. The knock-offs try to do what we do, but they cannot assure the same level of damage-free security as the real deal does.

Printed On Demand in the USA

BibBoards is a small business owned and operated in San Ramon, California. When you the real patented technology, you are supporting a small business that provides jobs right here in the USA. Other companies that may sell knockoff versions of our products use cheap materials assembled overseas. These products undermine the quality of the product and the people that make it possible. BibBoards is a name you can trust to bring you a high-quality product on race day.

Small Business, Big Goals

When you support BibBoards you are supporting a small business that brings opportunities to other brands. The patented BibBoards provides a great opportunity for brands of all sizes to promote their business through customizable BibBoards at events and gain impressions. With a plethora of partnerships, BibBoards is a key player in growing endurance brands of all kinds.

In addition to partnering with other businesses both in the endurance space and the greater market, BibBoards works with some of North America’s most popular races. Nearly 1000 race directors from all over the USA and Canada know that the high-quality safety pin replacement can bring their event to the next level. BibBoards brings a better race experience to every race from 5K’s to your Ultra Marathons. BibBoards keep the course free of safety pins and make the entire race more sustainable. Racers love the quality while sponsors love the ability to customize and advertise their business on race day. BibBoards works every day to change the way racers secure their bibs to their race day shirt. If you want the best gear available, BibBoards is the only way to go.

Nothing Beats BibBoards

There is a reason that BibBoards is the frontrunner when it comes to disrupting a centuries-old market once dominated by safety pins. BibBoards are reusable, secure, and completely safe. They are owned and operated in the USA and provide the best product on the market to keep your race day bib secured. Nothing will measure up to the original because other brands cannot do what BibBoards does. Don’t settle for not safe safety-pins. If you want to bring the absolute best gear with you on race day, you have to put a set of BibBoards in your bag. Much like the quality of our product, you won’t be beaten on race day with a set of BibBoards using our patented design.