BibBoards Inc. Inducts Ed Zuckerberg to advisory board

May 6, 2020

BibBoards Inc. Inducts Ed Zuckerberg to advisory board

San Ramon, CA, USA – BibBoards Inc. is an innovative company that was established in 2017 to manufacture fasteners—BibBoards®—is a smart and environmental-friendly replacement for safety pins. Currently, in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, after customer feedback, the company decided to share with consumers how to use BibBoards® as “4Ears”to save raw ears.

BibBoards’ team has leadership expertise spanning an impressive range from marketing distribution to intellectual property licensing. What started as a clever answer to a prickly athletic problem is now a powerful aid in the defeat of COVID-19. The induction of Ed Zuckerberg to the advisory board signals BibBoards’ commitment to help others.

Dr. Zuckerberg’s valuable advice will serve the company well in social media marketing and business expansion. Zuckerberg endorsed the idea of turning BibBoards® into 4Ears face mask snaps.

“As an eyeglass wearing Dentist, I had constant irritation on my ears when the mask loops were competing with my glasses for the limited real estate there. Being able to fasten ear loop masks away from my ears is a fabulous idea and there is no better way to accomplish that than with 4Ears Snap & Hooks!” said Dr. Zuckerberg.

Snap hooks make it easier for everyone to keep their ears unharmed while donning a face mask. Users can simply snap these fasteners on their headwear and fasten the face mask by resting the loops of the mask on the hooks instead of their ears. These fasteners are a must-have for anyone who wears a face mask.

Keeping true to their commitment to caring for the environment, BibBoards’ 4Ears are recyclable and easy to clean and sanitize. These snaps work on hats, bandanas, skull caps, cloth masks, and headbands. The dimensions are the size of a nickel. The fasteners are available in dozens of customizable designs. BibBoards fills bulk orders for staff in hospital settings or any branded enterprise.



Brian Goodell watched Shopify numbers go down to zero on his web site as the stay at home order came in. He told all his employees not to come into work. Then, after he discovered a customer’s new use of the product for healthcare workers and seeing its potential, he quickly pivoted. His company went from zero sales in one weekend all because he saw an opportunity and repurposed and rebranded fast. If he did not rebrand or offer a new product, he would be out of business. For more information about 4Ears, please visit https://bibboards.com/pages/face-mask-snaps


Brian Goodell is the Founder of BibBoards and 4Ears. Brian brings expertise in eCommerce, athletics, promotional products, and PPE medical supplies. Brian specializes in communicating a vision of marketable ideas in the marketplace, while simultaneously building teams capable of executing. Brian’s career path began with college sports, but quickly transitioned to real estate investment, inventorship and entrepreneurship. After a promising NCAA Division I career as a wide receiver at Idaho State University, Brian transitioned to Bay Area real estate, apprenticing under real estate mogul Frank Lembi. Goodell co-invented a patented smokeless tobacco accessory called DipTops, building a brand and national distribution network around it, leading to product placement in over 30,000 retail locations around the country. He is passionate about inventing new products, with the recent invention of 4Ears PPE for healthcare workers.

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