B.O.A. Begins Year with Strategic New Hires

January 7, 2021

B.O.A. (Brea, CA), known for its cheeky print running shorts, is kicking off 2021 optimistically with two new strategic positions.

Louise Chan, Activewear Designer, has experience in high fashion, athleisure, and sports apparel design. She’s prepared to refresh the product range with style and function.

Christy Slye, EVP Sales & Marketing, will work with the executive team at B.O.A. to define a clear strategy for growth over the next few years. “I’m fortunate to join a brand well- positioned for growth as we begin this new year. Running is core to so many, and the gear we use should make us happy.”  Ms. Slye is a runner and has been a leader in the industry more than a decade, originally with Oiselle followed by the Big Sur Marathon.

“I’m thrilled that we are able to invest thoughtful design and the leadership necessary to bring our USA-manufactured product line to both life-long runners and our next generation of runners,” said Brad Thompson, COO. “We wanted to kickstart 2021 with fresh ideas that can make an impact immediately and into our future.”

“Being a family business, we’ve grown and managed B.O.A. for nearly 30 years without much external input; we are looking forward to the fresh perspectives both Louise and Christy will bring to our company,” said Jeff Fleming, CMO.

You can find the B.O.A. product line available for sale at www.boausa.com and other run specialty stores.

More About B.O.A.:

B.O.A. was founded in 1992 in Costa Mesa, California by Willamette University Hall of Famer, David Fleming. To this day, BOA USA is family owned and operated, taking immense pride in offering top quality products designed, cut, sewn, and printed in the USA. We love being known for our unique print designs that allow runners to stand out instead of simply blending in.