Are jean shorts back? This French-running brand seems to think so

June 20, 2024

The origins of this unconventional running trend began on X earlier this month when a user tweeted a photo of the shorts on the website. The tweet quickly went viral, amassing over 80,000 views, and Satisfy Running reaped the benefits, selling out of their PeaceShell™ 5-inch inseam Digital Denim shorts in no time. High-fashion running gear does come at a cost, though—the shorts are listed for CAD $290, likely making them the most expensive pair of run shorts in your wardrobe.

Contrary to their appearance, the shorts are not made of denim. Instead, they are 100 per cent polyester and feature a digital print inspired by a classic pair of vintage Levi’s Orange Tab 517 jeans. They are equipped with two front side pockets and a zippered sweatproof back pocket for gels, keys and cards, seamlessly combining fashion with function and adding a bit of denim flair to the sport. Canadian Running