Announcing ultra-flexible multi-sport support for virtual challenges

December 22, 2020

Sodisp is the most complete and engaging platform to host virtual events and challenges. The only platform with Strava, Garmin and Polar auto-sync. Start your virtual event or challenge today on sodisp.com!

We are proud to announce the sodisp platform now supports an extremely flexible solution of hosting multi-sport events. The new features can be combined with our existing feature set bringing a unique virtual experience to virtual multi-sport events. Our unique auto-sync from a multitude of GPS watches and apps are all available as well.

The leaderboards can now show the split times of each leg to have clear overviews of all splits and results. Each result can be liked, and friends and family can cheer and comment to make every mile count!

Broken triathlons and other multi-sport configurations
The multi-sport feature is we are now launching is extremely flexible to fine-tune to any event setup. A few examples of possible race setups that can now be supported:

  • Virtual triathlons where each leg can be separately tracked and then stitched together into a virtual triathlon time.
  • Any combination of any two or more sports, such a run-bike-runs.
  • ‘Broken’ marathons where a fixed distance is divided into separate shorter legs from which an overall time is reconstructed.
  • Pyramid/sequence runs where the goal of the challenge is to complete a sequence of distances and contestants are ranked on their overall time of all distances combined. Example could be a combined result of a 1k + 5k + 10k + half marathon time.

Auto-sync with all major fitness brands enables the best possible experience
Using our unique Garmin, Strava, Fitbit, Polar, Suunto, and COROS integrations owners of these devices can automatically sync their activities the moment they save an activity on their app/watch! We will take their activity and connect it with the virtual challenges they participate in.

We also support manual entry and the upload of gpx files to allow everyone to join the challenge. We automatically validate each activity based on the selected activity type to keep leaderboards clean.

Seven engaging Virtual Challenge Modes
There is a total of seven different challenge types available (time, distance, elevation, track, calories, stair climbing and badge mode) which all support individuals and teams. Each type of challenge has different options to fine-tune it and allows you to create truly unique virtual experiences!

All events hosted on sodisp come packed with a range of social engagement features to keep participants engaged from start to finish. Results and leaderboards show the avatar of the user and allow liking, commenting and easy sharing.
A range of customizable email triggers allow you to send personalized messages to participants during their journey and keep them motivated to make it to the virtual finish line!

Host your first virtual challenge for free
Hosting a virtual challenge on sodisp is easy; using our powerful self-service tools help you can go live within a day! Non-profits and smaller events can host their first challenge for free. Do you have a larger event or questions about a white-label or tailor-made solution? Contact us to discuss pricing and possibilities.

Contact us (or request a demo) at hello@sodisp.com to learn how we can support you with your virtual challenge.

About sodisp: The name sodisp is short for social distancing sports. sodisp.com was launched in May of 2020 by the founder of the largest running app in The Netherlands with over 10 years of experience in the endurance sports industry. sodisp.com is the most engaging virtual challenge platform available on the market. Feel free to contact us at hello@sodisp.com.