All-new Parlee Taos Gravel Bike Brings Next-Level Traction

July 3, 2024

JULY 3, 2024 – Beverly, MA /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – “Gravel” has become more than just riding on dirt roads. More than a way to escape traffic and routine. It’s how we immerse ourselves in our environment, and the all-new Parlee Taos delivers an entirely new level of compliance that not only elevates its ride quality above anything else, it delivers Velcro-like traction to inspire supreme confidence on any terrain.

We purpose-built the Taos to deliver more than comfort. More than confidence. It is designed to deliver new experiences, blurring the line between bike and rider, moving with you over the terrain and offering traction like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

We do this by blending our unique carbon fiber expertise with a progressive, groundbreaking design that eliminates chatter and vibration, letting you focus on your surroundings… and your performance. Combined with a uniquely modular design, it gives you the right fit, the right performance, and the right options for every ride.

Our inspiration

The all new Taos was inspired by the soul stirring landscape and endless riding options around Taos, New Mexico, at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A place where trust in your connection to the bike is essential, to confidently transition from pavement to service road to mountain single track to winding canyon descents and back to the road again. Immersing you in the ancient power of the high desert sun.

Key Highlights:

  • All-new one-piece monocoque frame, handmade in the EU
  • Sleek, sloping design w/ dropped stays & tuned compliance
  • Traction-enhancing layup delivers grip like no other bike on the market
  • “Nude” finish shows UD carbon, no paint necessary
  • Wide 700×50 tire clearance
  • Suspension-corrected geometry
  • Fork dropout with geometry-adjusting flip chip
  • Internal downtube storage
  • Full stealth integrated routing including dropper seatposts
  • Open, easily-serviced standards like FSA ACR, T47 and UDH
  • Sub-1,000g frame

A true clean-sheet design

All-new from the ground up, the Taos’ monocoque frame starts with Bob Parlee’s 25 years of masterful custom carbon fiber expertise and the brands’ legendary ride quality.

We then took everything we love about our Chebacco and filtered it through a modern cyclist’s perspective to create a bike capable of winning today’s blazingly fast 100-mile gravel races and crushing all-day epics alike.

Handmade in the EU, our new precision layup process creates a perfect frame, both functionally and aesthetically. Like our new Ouray road bike, each piece of UD carbon fiber ply is meticulously placed to create a frame that requires no cosmetic layers, filler, bonding agents, or paint.

This level of finish quality is extremely hard to do -it’s why almost no one else does it- but the result is a perfect finish, straight out of the mold. That’s why we offer it with a bare nude waxed finish to showcase the ultimate in precision carbon manufacturing.

Light, but not a lightweight

Our unique construction method delivers a true monocoque one-piece frame that’s incredibly lightweight (average frame weight ~980g), yet durable enough for real-world adventures.

This layup process gives us complete control over the ride quality, and a modular design gives you control over its handling. In fact, the Taos is the most adaptable bike we’ve ever made.

It’s also tough, with reinforced carbon layups in high-impact areas, and added rubberized protection over the chainstay and beneath the downtube. Opt for the waxed carbon finish and there’s no paint to scratch either…just wipe it down with a fresh coat of wax and your bike looks as good as new.

Intentional compliance for exceptional traction

“Compliance” has become such a buzzword that we hesitate to use it at all. It’s important, but with Taos we took it a step further to improve Traction.

Compliance adds comfort, but Traction adds speed and confidence.

The Taos’ unique monocoque design and masterfully crafted carbon layup delivers an entirely new level of traction in a gravel bike, without gimmicks, micro-suspension, or proprietary parts. Seriously, no other bike comes close.

Combine that with longer, lower & slacker geometry for improved stability at speed, and a torsionally stiff lower section and compact, sloping front triangle that maximizes power transfer, and you have a bike that sticks in the corners, floats in the straights, and flies up the climbs. Just like a great gravel bike should.

Plus, all six frame sizes have their own custom layup and geometry to deliver the same amazing ride no matter what size bike you’re on.

Racing? Exploring? Taos does that.

Clearance for up to 700×50 tires let you run any rubber you want. Suspension-corrected geo lets you add a suspension fork without altering ride quality. And a front axle flip-chip lets you adjust the wheelbase and head angle when using smaller tires for a more road-biased ride quality.

Run it 1x or 2x with a removable front derailleur mount. Combine that with fender mounts, internal downtube storage, top tube bag mounts, and stealth dropper seatpost routing and you have a bike that’s ready for any adventure, whether you’re racing the clock or chasing daylight.

Modern touches like full internal routing with integrated cockpits, electronic-only shifting, and minimalist front brake mounts combine with proven open standards like a T47 threaded bottom bracket and UDH derailleur hanger for easy (and future-proof) component compatibility.

Built to order

Every frame is made one at a time, in small batches, then individually built to order at our US headquarters. Choose from six frame sizes that can be built in standard or tall configurations, then choose your desired cockpit (including bar width, stem length, seat and seatpost configuration), wheels, tires, drivetrain, and accessories.

Parlee #Paintlab has set the standard for custom paint for many years. We offer our full scope of custom paint options on this bike as well. Our team can recreate anything from mild to wild to deliver a bike that is 100% unique to you.

Discover your greatest ride.

The Taos is the next generation of Parlee gravel bike, delivering our signature ride quality and handling on a modern machine that’s ready for your next adventure, wherever that may be. This is the ultimate gravel bike.

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