Alete™ Active Nutrition Announces Acquisition of Bonk Breaker® Nutrition in Continued Growth of Portfolio

September 8, 2021

San Francisco, Calif. — September 8, 2021 — Alete™ Active Nutrition is pleased to announce today the acquisition of Bonk Breaker® Nutrition, a long-time favorite nutrition brand among cyclists, runners, triathletes and professional sports teams.

The acquisition is a great fit for both Alete Nutrition, formerly known as RoadRunnerTM Holdings and Bonk Breaker. The new name Alete is derived from “all” and “athlete” and is based on the idea that all athletes deserve proper nutrition, no matter their background, gender, ethnicity, chosen activity or level of competition. Alete Nutrition is building a portfolio of premium nutrition offerings to support these diverse athletes, with a family of brands that include SaltStick®, JoJé Bar®, Vitassium®, and now Bonk Breaker. Alete puts founders first and supports their continued development – both personal and professional – alongside the brands they created.

Bonk Breaker Founder Jason Winn was a Division 1 Quarterback who understood the unique needs of athletes and also saw the challenges his teammates had with digesting nutrition products. He envisioned products built on real food ingredients that would be absorbed and processed efficiently, and that paired fast-burning energy with slower-, longer-burning energy.

With this in mind, Jason worked in his mom’s kitchen to create his flagship flavor, Peanut Butter and Jelly, which paired fast-burning strawberry jam with slow-burning peanuts. It was a favorite among football players and triathletes during testing, but Jason needed feedback from the most brutally honest of all testers – kids – who gave it a big thumbs up! Since then, Bonk Breaker has grown to fuel all athletes, whether team sports enthusiasts, solo endurance athletes, or those who live an active lifestyle.

“It is not unique for most entrepreneurs, but the business of Bonk Breaker has faced so many hurdles over the years,” said Jason Winn. “But my passion for the brand and supporting athletes could not be higher than it is right now. I had been approached before by PE firms, but when CEO Mac Tillman at Alete Nutrition approached me, it was totally different. I immediately saw that Mac came from a place of respect, supported my passion and wanted to work with my vision and see the brand grow. I’m truly excited for the future of Bonk Breaker with Alete’s backing.”

Jason will continue to run the Bonk Breaker brand and maintain the passion and love he has provided since its inception. His entire family has been intimately involved in this process and his 3 kids are excited to continue taste testing new recipes and showing up at events, to support the growth he and Alete Nutrition are planning for the coming years.

“We have been so fortunate to find such passionate people to work with in the Alete portfolio of brands, and Jason Winn is certainly no exception,” said Mac. “We absolutely love the Bonk Breaker product line, it fits well within our Alete portfolio, and perhaps even more importantly we love Jason’s story and want to support the goals he’s set for himself, his family, and the brand.”

For any media inquiries, please contact Danny Pettey at danny@sasquatchagency.com and see what Bonk Breaker has in store for the future by following along at www.bonkbreaker.com.

About Alete Active Nutrition

At Alete Active Nutrition, we believe in the health benefits of living an active life. Alete Active Nutrition LLC (formerly RoadRunner Holdings LLC) is creating a portfolio of athlete-focused sports nutrition brands, including SaltStick, JoJé Bar, and Bonk Breaker, that provide the people, prowess, and products to activate an athlete’s potential for a healthy life. Backed by American Pacific Group, Alete Nutrition hopes to build upon these investments with additional high-quality sports nutrition brands. Alete Nutrition is committed to the development and support of a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative community of athletes, and sees a tremendous opportunity to bring the benefits of athletics and sports nutrition to athletes of all sports, skill levels, genders, geographies, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Learn more at www.AleteNutrition.com.

About Bonk Breaker

Bonk Breaker creates real food energy bars, electrolyte energy chews and protein bars that provide healthy nutrition for weekend warriors, families and world-class athletes alike. Founded in 2005 by Jason Winn, Bonk Breaker was created to provide the best nutrition-fueling products for better health, taste-approved by the most discerning testers around: kids. Bonk Breaker has previously been selected as the Official Nutrition Partner of top professional sports teams and endurance athlete events. Visit Bonk Breaker at www.bonkbreaker.com.

About American Pacific Group

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