Advances in Endurance Sports Medicine on Display at Cape Elizabeth Marathon

August 8, 2023

TD Beach to Beacon 10k Equipped with New Patient Movement System to Optimize Runner Safety

Plymouth, MA/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Sports Medicine Consultants, LLS an industry leader of medical coverage services for large athletic events, unveiled their latest device to move injured participants more effectively. Called the REX Rapid Extraction Mobile Stretcher, it is redefining the industry by allowing a single person to effortlessly move any patient quickly through dense crowds or over virtually any type of terrain.

The REX, manufactured by REXEMS, LLC, is a foldable lightweight stretcher with all-terrain wheels capable of hauling loads of up to 400lbs. Used by hospitals and fire departments nationwide, the REX has now showed its value and versatility in the endurance sport marketplace.

“Until now, patient movement options were limited to wheelchairs, Gators or powered stretchers”. Said Chris Troyanos, ATC – President of Sports Medicine Consultants. “The REX expands our capabilities and fills the need to quickly move patients in crowded environments, uneven terrain or narrow trails – all the while maintaining the safety of the patient and the medical volunteer assisting with the transport”.

Vehicles and traditional stretchers have their place in patient extraction but don’t compare to the versatility, maneuverability, and affordability of the REX. For enhanced speed, the Rex may also be towed by a bicycle. The REX is also ideal for beach venues with the addition of its oversize sand tires.

“We are pleased to see REX providing a critical role in providing better patient outcomes in endurance sports”. Said Dan Parke, CEO of REXEMS, LLC.

Rex is slated to be used in the medical support of large-scale events covered by SMC. To learn more about the REX and services provided by Sports Medicine Consultants, LLC, visit the companies’ websites.

About Sports Medicine Consultants, LLC:
SMC provides medical coverage, medical audits, and consulting for events of all sizes – from 10k road races to charity walks, and elite-level endurance events including marathons and half marathons. Chris has been the Medical Coordinator for the Boston Marathon and other large-scale events for over 30 years. https://www.sportsmedconsultants.com

REXEMS was created to provide first responders with a safe, efficient, and versatile method to move non-ambulatory patients that minimizes personnel resource requirements. Our team is committed to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and delivering top-quality products to our customers. https://www.rapidextraction.com

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