80/20 Endurance Launches Virtual Training and Plans on Velocity Indoor Cycling Platform

January 4, 2024

80/20 Endurance To Pioneer Direct Links to Coach-Led Workouts on Velocity In Their Training Plans

Highland Park, Illinois, January, 2024 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/80/20 Endurance, a leader in the global endurance training and coaching industry, has launched its virtual cycling and enhanced training plan offerings on Velocity, with the Team 80/20 Virtual Cycling Club. 80/20 Endurance is currently leading Live, Replay and On-demand cycling workouts on Velocity which are led by a team of veteran coaches.

In addition to the coached workouts, 80/20 Endurance will include links to on-demand workouts in their best-selling on-line training plans, and its workout libraries for athletes. Athletes who purchase select cycling or triathlon plans will find direct links to coached on-demand workouts on Velocity which they can have access to for an upgrade subscription.

“The Velocity platform is game-changing for the athlete training experience! 80/20 Endurance is excited to embrace this immersive and gamified training experience, and also add this offering to our best-selling triathlon and cycling training plans, starting in January,” said Jim Vance, renowned triathlon coach and VP of Business Development for 80/20 Endurance.

“We think it’s a huge opportunity for coaches who sell training plans to enhance them with coach-led workouts. It also unlocks a ton of financial potential by converting a static one-time plan purchase into incremental recurring subscription revenue with the option for a long-term customer.” said Robbie Ventura, President of Velocity.

80/20 Endurance joins a host of other coaches with their own private businesses on the Velocity platform, some of which include PacWest Endurance, Qwik Kiwi Coaching, StasFit, and VisionQuest Coaching.

Velocity Indoor Cycling App

Velocity is an end-to-end SaaS solution for coaches to operate their virtual cycling businesses. Leveraging integrated real-time metrics and a video-based platform, Velocity enables coaches to lead live workout to share in-the-moment feedback and guidance to their athletes, strengthen and grow their communities and improve athlete retention. When live workouts are completed, they become immediately available for on-demand access or replays (Just like a live class, but the coach video is recording). Every coach has their own private business on the platform that limits athlete exposure to only their content and can be customized to brand. With optional direct marketing integrations and payment management tools, Velocity can be a complete virtual “business-in-a-box”.

To learn more about joining Velocity as a coach, please visit: www.vqvelocity.com.

For inquiries or interviews, please contact John Nichols at jnichols@vqvelocity.com