2024 XTERRA World Cup Stop #5 Preview: Conquering Québec

July 10, 2024

MANOIR DU LAC DELAGE, QUÉBEC, CANADA /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – On its 10th anniversary, XTERRA Québec joins the XTERRA World Cup on July 12-14, 2024.

Commemorating a decade of off-road triathlon in Canada, the venue at Manoir du Lac Delage catapults itself onto the world stage as Stop #5 in the 7-Stop XTERRA World Cup series, highlighting some of the world’s best mountain bike trails.

The weekend festivities also includes the XTERRA Short Track Triathlon, set for July 12, as an elite event reserved for the top-ranked athletes. This race format is famed for its intense competition and spectator-friendly format, providing a battle for points adding to overall World Cup standings

Over three days, featuring 14 races, the Full Distance Triathlon will headline a showdown among off-road titans including back-to-back World Champions Arthur Serrières and Solenne Billouin, the reigning World Cup Champion Alizée Paties, and the Forissier brothers all hailing from France. Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen from Denmark, fresh off his victory at the Stop #4 in Belgium and international triathletes including American legend Timothy O’Donnell will compete for a $20,000 prize purse with 28 qualification slots for the 2024 XTERRA World Championship on the line for age group divisions.

Course History and Description

A world-renowned trail network known as Empire 47, with over 75K of curated trails began in 2014 with a mere 6K built by hand. The XTERRA Full Distance Off-Road Triathlon experience greatly benefits with speed and flow as event organizers have put together a uniquely designed course specifically for this World Cup event.

Swim (1.5K): The race begins with a dive into Lac Delage. Athletes will navigate a two-loop, 1.5K course where water temperatures hovering at or over 22°C will allow for a wetsuit-free swim.

Bike (31K): Competitors will transition to their mountain bikes for a 31K ride that includes two 15.5K loops that are fine-tuned to enhance flow and technicality. The course features challenging climbs, rapid descents, and extensive stretches of singletrack, engineered to test the speed of even the most skilled riders.

Run (11K): The final leg is an 11K trail run, predominantly on paths designed for mountain bikes. The run starts with a deceiving 1.5K false flat, setting a fast pace from the outset. Athletes then tackle a series of climbs, peaking at 190 meters of elevation, followed by a quick descent to close the loop and push towards the finish line.

Women’s Race Preview

The matchup at the top of the World Cup standings is currently between second place Alizée Paties (FRA) and series leader Solenne Billouin (FRA), echoing the intensity from 2023 where Paties prevailed as the first-ever XTERRA World Cup Champion.

Currently leading the series by 72 points, Billouin is on the verge of clinching the title. Strong performances here could solidify her legacy as she aims to become the first woman to win this series and the 2024 XTERRA World Championship in September. Paties has strategically targeted this part of the season for peak performance, understanding the critical impact a victory in Québec could have on her championship aspirations. As these top competitors potentially clash on the bike course, expect an all-out display of competition and athleticism.

Top 5 Elite Women At Stop #5

‍‍(Name, Country, World Cup Points)

‍1. Solenne Billouin, FRA, 455 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 1st place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 1st place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 1st place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 2nd place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium) 2nd place

“I am very happy being here and to hopefully be on top, but of course, there are a lot of unknowns about my shape and capacity to race hard. The place is amazing and you need a lot of focus on the bike to keep pushing all the time.”

2. Alizée Paties, FRA, 383 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 2nd place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 4th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 3rd place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 3rd place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 4th place

“I absolutely love the course—it’s magical, and I’m starry-eyed! The location is super cool, and the bike course is awesome. I’m not sure how I’ll perform on Sunday, but I’m definitely going to enjoy the tracks. I’ve been training at altitude to prepare, and I feel mentally and physically better.”

3. Marta Menditto, ITA, 355 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 3rd place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 5th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 6th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 4th place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 3rd place

“The downhill sections here are really fun on the bike. Constant pushing is required, but being prepared for any type of bike course is part of my job. I think it’s important not to expend too much energy on the bike because the run afterward is really challenging. I know I can compete for the podium, so I’ll do my best to achieve that goal.”

4. Anna Zehnder, CHE, 294 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 5th place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 7th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 5th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 8th place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 6th place

“I am hyped to explore the stunning lake and challenging trails for my first time in Canada. We’re in the middle of the World Cup and it’s going to be interesting to see who is still fresh and who is barely hanging on. The door is wide open for me to give my best and make a push. The fastest run split is the goal.”

5. Lorena Erl, DEU, 164pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 9th place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 17th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 12th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 15th place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 13th place

“I’m excited to race in this Canadian landscape. My motivation is to have fun at the race, have a good time with other athletes beforehand, and to keep a relaxed mindset.”

Men’s Race Preview

In the men’s race, attention is centered on Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen (DNK) and the Forissier brothers from France. Fresh off a win at XTERRA Belgium, Stop #4, Sloth Nielsen is eager to show off his well-rounded triathlon capabilities, particularly excelling on the bike and enhancing his run speeds through altitude training in the French Alps, where he has been living. Having dominated the competition at the recent XTERRA World Tour event in France last weekend, Sloth Nielsen is geared up and ready. The course’s demand for relentless biking plays to his strengths and could lead to back-to-back victories, propelling him upward in the series rankings.

Arthur Forissier (FRA), previously second in the overall before being overtaken by Sloth Nielsen, is keen to reaffirm his position. Known for his meticulous and strategic approach, expectations are high for Arthur to excel in the latter half of the World Cup Series. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Felix Forissier (FRA), currently leads the overall standings. With much at stake, strong performances in both the Short Track and Full Distance races could virtually secure his grip on the World Cup title, making 2024 a defining year for him as he eyes the XTERRA World Championship in Trentino, Italy.

Adding to the competitive mix, Maxim Chané (FRA) enters Québec on the back of a second-place finish at XTERRA France and Arthur Serrières (FRA), despite missing the first stop in Taiwan, remains a critical contender. The two-time XTERRA World Championship title holder is expected to significantly impact the race dynamics, further intensifying the competition.

Top 5 Elite Men Lining Up At the Lake

‍‍(Name, Country, World Cup Points)

1. Felix Forissier, FRA, 447 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 1st place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 2nd place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 2nd place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 1st place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 2nd place

“I think I’m in the best shape of my life. I was happy with my second-place result [at XTERRA Belgium], and it’s also good for my World Cup standings. At this stage of the season, I feel good and focused.”

2. Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen, DNK, 403 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 2nd place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 4th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 4th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 3rd place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 1st place

“I feel great coming into this race. I’m looking forward to a strong showing here in Québec. The course suits me well—it’s like a mountain bike paradise. The host venue is incredible, right in nature with a beautiful lake for the swim. I expect to quickly close the gap on my competition. We’ll see how they play their cards, but I’m here to gamble for the win, not just a podium finish.”

3. Arthur Forissier, FRA, 388 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 3rd place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 1st place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 3rd place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 6th place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 3rd place

“Every race plan is different, and I have to adapt to every particularity. Adaptation is the most beautiful of all the qualities, and adapting to different terrain, weather, and duration of effort is a demonstration of performance.”

4. Maxim Chané, FRA, 333 pts.

Stop #1 (XTERRA Taiwan): 4th place

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 5th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 5th place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 5th place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 5th place

“French athletes are always the ones to look for. Try to stay on the French train, and you’re where the race action is.”

5. Arthur Serrières, FRA, 310 pts.

Stop #2 (XTERRA Greece): 3rd place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain Short Track): 1st place

Stop #3 (XTERRA Oak Mountain): 2nd place

Stop #4 (XTERRA Belgium): 6th place

“I need results right now. I’m searching for my shape. I’m always better at the end of the season, and I’m pretty sure I will be improving.”

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Festival of Speed and Solidarity

This weekend, the trails of Québec will determine the fate of elite competitors. Will Felix Forissier and Solenne Billouin edge closer to securing their World Cup titles, or will the XTERRA World Cup Series witness further twists and turns?

XTERRA Québec’s festival weekend features a variety of events designed for all ages and skill levels. The lively expo and race village, located just 20 minutes from historic Quebec City, offer a family-friendly atmosphere that encompasses everything from a Night SwimRun, Night Trail Marathon, and a Night Trail Half Marathon to an Open Water Swim.

Further into the weekend, events such as the Kids Night Run, Super Sprint Triathlon, Youth Triathlons, Sprint Triathlon, Full Distance Duathlon, and Sprint Duathlon ensure that XTERRA Québec is a celebration of community and the great outdoors.


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