Zach Bitter, World Record 100Mile Treadmill attempt, on SFuels

May 3, 2020

Zach Bitter will attempt to break the current 100Miles Treadmill world record, on May 16, 2020.

SFuels LLC is honored and excited to announce that Zach Bitter has been preparing for, and is now ready to attempt to break the current 100 Mile Treadmill World Record. As the current track 100 mile, and 12-hour world record holder Zach has turned his attention to the treadmill world record. Zach is a vocal advocate for low-carb, high-fat training and has optimized his metabolism using SFuels TRAIN products, and will attempt his record breaking attempt using SFuels RACE+.

“Fueling these high-intensity long-duration endurance feats, requires highly efficient fat-oxidation, through training, diet and nutrition. Being able to burn fat and carbohydrates simultaneously at very high-intensity levels, is fast becoming the norm, for professional athletes, making and breaking World Records.”

Almost 1 year ago, a new 100 Mile Treadmill world record of 12 hours 32minutes was set by Dave Proctor, at the Calgary Marathon expo. Zach will need run at a pace under, 7min 30seconds per mile, to set a new world record. For context, this would be running around a 400meter athletics track, over 350 times, at under 1min 55 seconds per lap.

The world record attempt will be conducted LIVE with ultra-endurance athletes, and commentators hosting a day long show, which will be streamed to YouTube LIVE.  Ultra-runners like Dean Karnazes, Ironman legend, Dave Scott, plus ultra-running youtubers-podcasters like Eric Schranz, Jamil Coury, Ian Corless will host the show. The event will seek to raise donations, for Justin Wren’s (of MMA fame) charity, Fight for the Forgotten. In adding a new twist to such an event, 250 spots will be made available for runners from around the world to ‘Run with Zach’ via Zoom connections, into the YouTube LIVE stream.

SFuels began developing Low-Carb High-Fat endurance fuels in 2014, in both training bar and drink formats. SFuels TRAIN products are designed to trigger, an optimized metabolism to oxidize fat at higher and higher intensities. Avoiding, simple-sugars and sugar alcohols are critical to achieving this. SFuels was developed and tested in the ultra-running community, from World Record holding athletes like Zach Bitter, and Dr. Dan Plews.

Zach’s partners to support the event include, SFuels, NordicTrack, Buff, Altra, Coros and Purpose.

For more information, see:  https://www.sfuelsgolonger.com/100miletreadmill

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