XTERRA Worlds heads to Trentino, Italy

February 15, 2022

Trentino boasts a stunning natural environment among the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites, and last September hosted the inaugural XTERRA Trentino Dolomiti Paganella events in partnership with Europe Triathlon.

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The 2022 XTERRA World Championship off-road triathlon will be held in Trentino, Italy on October 1, 2022.  It is the first time in 25 years, since XTERRA’s inception in 1996, the event will take place outside of Maui, Hawaii.

“Our vision is to rotate XTERRA Worlds through all continents, from Europe to Asia, Africa and the Americas,” said J-D Cousens, XTERRA VP of Operations & Global Marketing.  “This will allow our wonderful sport to reach uncharted territories, welcome new warriors into our global community, and provide a wide variety of unique endurance challenges to our athletes from around the world.”

Trentino boasts a stunning natural environment among the breathtaking Brenta Dolomites, and last September hosted the inaugural XTERRA Trentino Dolomiti Paganella events in partnership with Europe Triathlon.

Europe is home to the largest collection of XTERRA athletes and events on earth, and hosting Worlds in Italy makes participation more accessible and affordable for those in the region while naturally reducing the event’s carbon footprint.

“Maui is our birthplace, we will return one day, and we are forever grateful to our hosts, partners, crew, and athletes that laid the foundation for XTERRA in Hawaii,” said Cousens.  “It was their spirit of adventure that put XTERRA on the map more than two decades ago, and it’s that same spirit inspiring us into the future now.”

The XTERRA World Championship is off-road triathlon’s greatest day, and the pinnacle event in a worldwide series of qualifying races for amateur and professional athletes that spans more than 20 countries across the globe.

“Trentino is proud to host the XTERRA World Championship,” said Maurizio Rossini, CEO of Trentino Marketing. “The world of cross triathlon will compete in a magnificent natural landscape, in a sustainable way as to respect the environment, thus enhancing Trentino, the Paganella upland and the beautiful Molveno Lake. The media coverage of the event will bring the images of this destination to over 170 countries around the world through more than 90 broadcasters, confirming the characteristic of Trentino to be a true open-air gym, ready to welcome outdoor endurance lovers from all over the globe.”

Michele Viola, President APT Dolomiti Paganella, added; “It’s a great honor for our destination to be able to welcome the XTERRA World Championship. From the Pacific Ocean that bathes the island of Maui, to the crystalline waters of Lake Molveno in which the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites are reflected, the passage of testimonials is an extraordinary moment and charges us with responsibility. However, we are convinced that, thanks to the tenacity and hospitality of our community, the experience gained over the years in organizing international sport events and the extraordinary beauty of our territory, we will be ready to take on this new and fascinating challenge.”

Riccardo Giubilei, FITRI President, said: “We welcome with satisfaction the decision of XTERRA to bring the World Championship to Italy and in particular to Trentino, a decision that makes us proud to be able to continue to open our destinations to great events, and to give another exciting international event in this season of Triathlon to our Italian Community, together with the World Triathlon Cup of Arzachena in May, the European and World Cup of Winter Triathlon in Asiago next 18-19 February and the Europe Triathlon Cup in Caorle also in May. Trentino and the Paganella Dolomites can offer again the wonderful location experienced last September at the European Championships. This new opportunity is the demonstration of how our movement, the Italian organizers and our Triathlon are growing and are ready to face the most important organizational challenges in the world.”

Learn more about Trentino and find event specifics at www.xterraplanet.com.


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