XLAB introduces the Aero Carbon Wing

January 29, 2024

Our fastest rear hydration system ever. More aerodynamic. More compatible. More adjustable.

Escondido, CA (Jan 29, 2024)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, XLAB is very pleased to announce the release of the fastest rear hydration system ever, the Aero Carbon Wing.

Three years of design, CFD simulations, and rigorous testing has gone into producing a system that is more than just a replacement for our world championship winning Carbon Wing, it is a huge advancement in aerodynamics, adjustability, and saddle compatibility. With a fit focused on rider height and saddle position, the Aero Carbon Wing maintains its aerodynamic advantage without compromising rider ergonomics.

Aerodynamics: Improved carrier positioning, a wider bottle stance, and built-in air flow straighteners all contribute to a system that has nearly twice the time savings of the previous generation Carbon Wing.

Adjustability: The cage arms have vertical, horizontal, and rotational adjustments to fine tune bottle access while maximizing aero advantage. To preserve the carrier’s fastest position, parallel to the ground, the rail mounts incorporate rotational adjustment to account for “nose down” and angled railed saddles.

Saddle Compatibility: Rigorously fit tested on over 50 models by 17 manufacturers to be compatible with a wider selection of saddles than any other system. Rail mounting brackets are only 12mm wide for easier installation on forward positioned saddles.

The Aero Carbon Wing is available in three models:

  • Aero Carbon Wing Carrier includes the new proprietary carbon layup carrier, aircraft grade aluminum rail and cage arm brackets, and stainless-steel hardware. Simply add cages for a complete system.
  • Aero Carbon Wing System – Xenon includes the same components as the carrier and adds two 8lb grip Nylon Matrix Composite Xenon cages for a balance of bottle retention and low price.
  • Aero Carbon Wing System – Gorilla ups the performance by adding two of XLAB’s World Championship winning Gorilla cages. Boasting a full 10lb of bottle grip, these Carbon Fiber cages are the ones you want when the road gets rough. Available with matte black or gloss black cages

For a complete rear hydration and repair storage system, XLAB has also introduced the Aero Mini Bag which pairs cleanly with the new Aero Carbon Wing systems. With the same construction as XLAB’s popular Mini Bag, this 0.41 Liter (25 cu ins) bag, enough to carry a full clincher repair kit, fits securely into the carrier chassis.

The Aero Carbon Wing joins XLAB’s popular Super Wing, the recently revamped Turbo Wing, and the budget friendly Mini Wing 105 in providing a wide range of rear dual bottle hydration systems to fit every rider’s need.

“Revolutionary research brings amazing results, including a deeper understanding of the relationship between aerodynamics and ergonomic access. For 30 years we have been tenaciously focused on using the latest engineering technology to produce the highest performing gear available. We are looking forward to seeing what the next 30 years brings. ”

Founder, Owner, Lead Engineer Craig Turner

Pricing & Specifications:

Aero Carbon Wing Carrier 217g $198.95

Aero Carbon Wing System Xenon 321g $238.95

Aero Carbon Wing System Gorilla 311g $298.95

For more information, please call or visit XLAB xlab-usa.com/

Email: Info@xlab-usa.com

Phone: 760.735.3215

The Aero Carbon Wing is available at Xlab-usa.com and independent bicycle dealers worldwide.