World’s Sports Group launches the marketplace World’s Cycling

May 26, 2022

World’s Sports Group, the company behind the marketplace World’s Marathons and the endurance event calendar Ahotu, recently launched the platform World’s Cycling. It is meant to help athletes discover amazing cycling events all over the globe and provide support for event organisers in finding new participants.

The pandemic has resulted in an increased popularity of outdoor sports and recreation, leading to a so-called “bike boom”. The phenomenon has been well-documented: suppliers have struggled [2] to keep up with the demand and cities have redesigned their streets to accommodate a big number of cyclists. An industry that was already thriving before the pandemic has accelerated. The target of World’s Cycling is to help regular cyclists to take the next step, by finding and joining cycling events.

World’s Cycling aims to give athletes access to the world’s best selection of events. The platform is easy to navigate and provides a smooth experience when searching for an event and/or registering for one. Turning to the other side, World’s Cycling provides event organisers with an opportunity to promote their events towards a keen, international audience of cyclists. The goal is to become the go-to-platform for this rapidly-growing segment of the industry!