Wild Health Named the Official and Exclusive Healthcare Provider of Spartan Race U.S.

March 29, 2022

Precision medical and preventative care company brings its holistic, personalized healthcare to Spartan athletes

BOSTON, MASS. (March 29, 2022)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Spartan, the world’s leading endurance sports and extreme wellness brand, announced Wild Health will be the official and exclusive healthcare provider of Spartan Race U.S. through March 2023.

“Wild Health’s unique data-driven approach makes everyday athletes feel like pros and we’re excited that our Spartan racers can work directly with a Wild Health coach to achieve their own health goals,” said Ian Lawson, VP Global Partnerships at Spartan. “Their unique combination of in-depth genomic testing, advanced bloodwork and lifestyle assessments will give Spartan athletes the opportunity to optimize their health.”

Spartan+ Membership athletes will receive a 25 percent discount for Wild Health services, including a coach familiar with Spartan methodologies, lifestyle and training.

The partnership with Wild Health includes an on-site presence at Spartan events in the U.S., allowing racers an opportunity to meet with healthcare professionals. Wild Health and Spartan will collaboratively work on a custom content series which will be integrated on Spartan’s digital platforms.

“We’re incredibly proud and excited to partner with Spartan on a revolutionary approach to health and performance. With precision medicine, we can help everyone be their best — from the average athlete who is just getting started with Spartan to the pros who want to level up their performance with genomics-based nutrition and training,” said Matt Dawson, MD, Wild Health Co-Founder and CEO. “Spartan’s training methods combined with Wild Health’s cutting-edge precision medicine will only further Spartan’s mission of making people unbreakable.”

About Spartan

Spartan is a global experiential sport and wellness brand with a 10 million+ strong community. We create transformational experiences, products, and content to help people, companies and teams tear down boundaries and expand what they believe to be possible. Spartan combines large scale global events with a vibrant digital content and community platform. With 250 events across more than 40 countries on six continents, Spartan is the world’s leading extreme wellness and endurance brand. Visit spartan.com for more information and registration.

About Wild Health

Founded in 2018 by two physicians tired of the status quo, Wild Health is our response to a broken medical system. Using our passion for preventative health, and grounded in our medical background, we developed Wild Health Clarity® – the world’s first true precision medicine algorithm. Unlike traditional medicine, we recognize that healthcare should be as unique and personalized as every patient it serves and through advanced machine learning, we combine DNA analysis, biometrics, microbiome testing, and phenotypic data to give people a blueprint for truly optimized health and a maximized health span. We’ve transformed the lives of thousands of patients across all 50 states, delivering care that gets people off prescription medications and lower their risks of killer chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. To learn more, visit wildhealth.com.

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