Why Racing Events offers 31-day FIT-MAS Challenge

November 19, 2020

Creative events can offer a win:win!

Vancouver WA – Washington state has just put on another 4-week lockdown with business closures and strict restrictions on personal behaviors. Sherri McMillan explains “These recent shutdowns will be so tough on Washingtonians, especially as we head into the holidays. The feelings of isolation and the associated depression, anxiety and stress can negatively affect overall health. We wanted to provide our community with something fun and positive to focus on that will ultimately improve their health, which is so critical during this global health crisis.”

As a result, the 31-day FIT-MAS Challenge was launched. It begins December 1st and requires participants to commit to various exercise and nutrition goals throughout the month of December.

Karissa Schoene, Event Director, was responsible for coming up with the perks for the 31-day Challenge. “We wanted to keep the cost low at $10 to register and we wanted to make the value really high so we relied on our relationships with community partners. Participants will receive over $500 value. It’s a no-brainer. The deal of the century! Everyone should sign up for this one from near and far” says Schoene.

Here is what Why Racing Events has arranged for their athletes who participate in the 31-day FIT-MAS challenge as listed on their website.

  • 31 days of motivation, exercise and nutrition tips
  • An introductory Fitness & Training package with Northwest Personal Training which includes;
  • 30 minute Group Presentation at the beginning of the challenge to establish your goals and expectations.
  • 30 minute Group Presentation at the end of the challenge to assess your progress and create a plan moving forward.
  • 31 days full access to all NW Personal Training virtual classes which include over 50 weekly classes including muscle, core conditioning, cardio, barre, yoga, cardio kickboxing and more.
  • If you are local, you can take advantage of all these great offers below throughout the month of December.
  • $2 discount to Be Well Juice Bar
  • 10% discount to Mighty Bowl
  • 10% discount to Moo Burger
  • $5 off Pizza at Mt. Tabor
  • $30 off massage at Elements Massage
  • 10% off at Foot Traffic
  • $10 to use towards a 2021 Why Racing Event

So what is required during the 31-day FIT-MAS Challenge? McMillan explains “This challenge won’t be one that we tell you what you can’t do or can’t eat. We know the holidays are approaching and we won’t encourage or expect you to deny yourself of your favorite holiday festivities and indulgences. Instead, this 31-day challenge will focus on what positive ACTION STEPS you can take to assure your holidays are healthy and strong!”

As listed on the website, the expectations of the 31 Day FIT-MAS Challenge are:

  • 21 miles per week of walking or running so we can sprint into 2021! That’s averaging 3 miles per day – any type of activity counts
  • 3 Muscle, Core Conditioning and/or Barre classes per week
  • 1 Yoga or Mobility class per week – these are great to do after a run or walk
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day
  • Eat a salad or vegetable stir-fry every day

One of the perks of the FIT-MAS Challenge is that participants receive $10 to use towards a 2021 Why Racing event. “Athletes pay $10 but then we give them $10 back so it’s such a great offer with so many perks. It helps us generate some cash flow now when we need it during Covid-19 so we can make payroll and cover our fixed costs like rent and utilities. Then it will encourage our athletes to use their $10 to signup for our 2021 events as we get beyond this pandemic. It’s a win:win” says McMillan.

Registration for the 31-day FIT-MAS Challenge is at https://raceroster.com/events/2020/37018/31-days-of-fit-mas Anyone, from anywhere, who wants to focus on their overall health and fitness is encouraged to register.

Why Racing Events has not had to lay off any of their full-time or part-time managers so their creative initiatives appear to be working at both providing value to their athletes while being able to generate enough income to cover their minimum monthly costs.

About Why Racing Events:

Why Racing Events is a multi-sport event management organization that offers athletes of all ages and abilities, from the elite level to the back-of-the-packers, the chance to successfully complete a racing event. They host a series of events every year from March to October, including children’s races, fun runs, half marathons, marathons, duathlons and triathlons. They are committed to providing a positive experience to everyone involved while raising awareness and funds for important community causes. Find out more information about Why Racing Events at www.whyracingevents.com


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