Why Every Runner Should be Using SPRYNG’s New KNUCKLES Power-Up

April 28, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA — 28 April 2021 — SPRYNG (www.SPRYNGme.com), and the successful new product SPRYNG Knuckles Power-Up demonstrates the positive way the device can help runners recover from muscles cramps, especially when calves hurt before or after a run.

Do you often Google or look for reasons as to “why my calves hurt after running?” Whether you’re running a marathon or a novice to the sport, experiencing sore calves while running or even after or before might be more common than you realise. Recovering from these sore muscles can take time and additional techniques before and after your workout. With the needs of runners of all types in mind, SPRYNG has now made fast recovery accessible to everyone! SPRYNG will help you recover in 15 minutes by improving your blood circulation and promoting lactic acid flush out, and leave your legs feeling great.

More Than A Runner’s Issue

Most runners often wonder why their calves hurt after running, during or sometimes even before the run. After all, running is a high-impact sport, and can place constant, tedious stress on your calf muscles. While most people experience calf pain, the tightness in the legs can vary between runners. This could sometimes change, as they get into the rhythm of their sport and their stride improves. Some people can also feel muscle tightness even while running. This could be caused by an uneven impact of your foot hitting the ground; which can lead to soreness in your calf muscles.

Overpronation can occur often with tight calf muscles, this is when the heel rolls inward with every step you take. A shoe that doesn’t fit correctly or a shoe that doesn’t support your foot arch correctly can also increase overpronation and cause the calf muscles to tighten. This problem is often worsened by dehydration. During your run, through your sweat your body excretes a considerable amount of salt, and this can trigger muscle cramps in your lower body, especially your calves and feet. Ensure to properly hydrate before, during and after a run, in order to prevent sore calf muscles after running.

The Importance of Recovery For Runners

Leg cramps while running is inevitable for most runners, whether you’re a pro or novice. Rest days and recovery are important for runners for a number of reasons. Your body is like a well-oiled machine, that needs time to recover from strenuous activities. By continuously running, you aren’t simply building your strength and stamina, but you’re improving your body to do better the next time – and this is only possible with rest, where the damaged tissue has time to heal. According to Adam Tenforde, M.D., Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehab at Harvard University and former All-American distance runner at Stanford, “as much as athletes focus on their volume of training and the speed at which they do workouts, what they do outside of running is equally important to becoming stronger and more resilient in the future.” By allowing ample recovery time:

  • You get fitter
  • You reduce your risk of injury
  • You’re mentally recharged
  • You can train more consistently
  • You can train harder
  • You can periodise your training

How To Recover Your Legs After Running?

SPRYNG KNUCKLES is a form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to reduce muscle soreness and increase the range of motion. It’s somewhat similar to a massage that your therapist might carry out. The SPRYNG Knuckles Inner Layer uses embedded silicone spheres to ensure higher localised compression is applied to your muscles which enhances circulation in your calves before your workouts. Ideally used pre-workout, your muscles get activated and prepped for the workout. After your workout is over, use SPRYNG (without Knuckles) to aid in your muscle recovery. Add the SPRYNG KNUCKLES Power-Up Inner Layer, a leg recovery tool for runners to your SPRYNG, to combine the benefits of active compression technology with targeted compression, for an even better deep tissue experience.

Impact of SPRYNG on Pre & Post Run/Workouts

Continuous strenuous exercise can cause micro-tears in your muscles and when your body repairs these damages, it remodels them to become stronger and larger. Active compression helps to stimulate your muscles, amounting to a reduced repair time while also improving your performance. Spryng is an innovative, patent-pending wavetec compression pattern that encourages blood circulation in your body and thus preventing your legs from swelling. The device acts as the best recovery after running, helps your body to disperse lactic acid faster and increase oxygenation to your tissues; which means that the recovery period needed for your body post run will be much shorter.

 Why Should Runners Use SPRYNG

If you’re wondering how to reduce muscle soreness after running, there are a number of ways outlined on our runners blog to help ease sore calves while running.  SPRYNG promotes an accelerated muscle recovery in just 15 minutes after strenuous athletic activities, like running. It will help keep your legs healthier and leave you feeling fresher by reducing muscle soreness and easing up fatigue. The active compression used in SPRYNG works by improving blood circulation to rid your leg from swelling, inducing lactic acid flush out and oxygenation to your muscle tissues to help you recover faster and perform better.

Some of the benefits of SPRYNG™

  • Improve blood circulation/flow
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue caused by running
  • Relieves tired achy legs caused from prolonged standing or long-distance travelling
  • Promotes lactic acid flush-out
  • Increases oxygen to muscle tissues