Warm Up to Winter Training with the February-March Edition RunnerBox and RiderBox

March 10, 2020

On February 1st, The RunnerBox and The RiderBox debuted their February-March, ‘Almost Spring’ box. Shipping out every other month, this athlete-run subscription company has selected products that will motivate subscribers to push through winter days while getting them prepared for the upcoming spring race season.

Andrew Giniat, professional cyclist and employee of The Runner/RiderBox, is most excited to share his secret performance enhancer – the resistance band. “The resistance bands in this box are great for glute activations before any type of training. The glute muscles are so powerful and so many athletes leave them out of the picture by neglecting them or not ensuring they’re firing.”

Starting as low as $25 and boasting a retail value of over $75, the February/March edition will go out to all current subscribers as well as those who sign-up before March 30th deadline. Here’s a sneak peak of this edition’s featured products:

Four Sigmatic will provide subscribers a range of their cardiovascular disease preventing, immune system boosting, and cholesterol reducing mushroom mixes which include: Coffee, Protein, and Hot Cocoa.

ReGrained Superfood+ Bar is made from the leftover grains from brewing beer. These bars provide subscribers a healthy snack full of fiber, protein, and antioxidants making them great for you and the environment.

SIS Go Hydro Tablets provide subscribers with a specific concentration of sodium that is scientifically proven to produce superior hydration compared with water alone. Plus, it’s 0 calories and will keep tummies happy and healthy.

ENERGYbits use the power of Spirulina to provide plant-based energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals in tablet form to keep subscribers bodies healthy inside and out.

MetaBall will provide subscribers with a low sugar, plant-based snack that’s full of protein and will sit well with even the most sensitive stomachs. These bite-sized balls also come in a resealable bag for portion control and are virtually allergen-free.

Columbia County Flax Granola is a no-oat granola packed with protein and fiber to keep subscribers fuller for longer. It’s perfect as a nutrient-dense snack or healthy breakfast.

Popcorners Flourish Crisps will provide subscribers an easy and tasty way to eat their greens. Subscribers will be introduced to Popcorners’ delicious kale crisps which are made with real vegetables that you can see and taste.

G2G Bar is a real-food protein bar made with fresh-ground almond butter that makes for an indulgent texture loaded with a high dose of healthy fats and protein.

Bobo’s will provide convenience in the form of a two-bite, nutrient dense oat bite. These little nuggets will satisfy any sweet tooth without the guilt.

The RunnerBox and RiderBox Resistance Bands will keep subscribers’ muscles activated and strong heading into race season. These exclusive bands include 3 strengths and a carrying bag- great for body maintenance and glute strengthening.

The RunnerBox and RiderBox Sweat Towel will keep subscribers dry during those sweaty indoor sessions this cold time of year tends to bring.

NovoRenew will provide RunnerBox subscribers with a natural alternative to aspirin or ibuprofen with its joint comfort blend that modulates inflammation and helps the body repair damaged tissue while eliminating metabolic waste.

Muc-off Bio Dry Lube  will keep RiderBox subscribers’ chains moving smoothly in extreme conditions for a fast ride and extended drivetrain life. It’s also biodegradable so it’s not only good for bikes, but also the environment.

About The RunnerBox and RiderBox

The RunnerBox is the longest-standing subscription box in the endurance space. Offering boxes for runners and cyclists, it is a fun and easy way for any athletes to receive a regular supply of products to enhance their active lifestyles. Each box is filled with hand-picked products tested and approved by a team of professional athletes and nutrition experts. The RunnerBox and RiderBox offer subscriptions which are shipped every second month in addition to limited edition boxes and one time gift boxes. To learn more about The RunnerBox visit www.therunnerbox.com