Virtual BASF TCRN race series on ROUVY finishes in Viernheim on Aug 23rd with Emma Pallantt, Laura Jansen, and Max Saserath

August 20, 2020

After a successful start in Musbach and series of events, the virtual BASF TCRN finale goes to Viernheim with Emma Pallantt, Laura Jansen, and Max Saserath at the start.

Anyone who wanted to measure their strength against the reigning world champion Anne Haug or the winners of the BASF Triathlon Cup Rhein-Neckar – such as Florian Angert – could already do so at the first three virtual TCRN races in 2020. Although the traditional events “on site” had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic, the organizers offered their loyal fans a contemporary replacement with virtual races on the Rouvy platform. At the end of the series on August 23 in Viernheim, athletes can test their fitness against all levels of competition.

Innovative format launched

After the events had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic, the organization team did not hesitate long to replan the cup. They quickly received the green light for their idea from the main sponsor, BASF in Ludwigshafen, and entered into a cooperation with ROUVY, the provider of a virtual cycling platform.

We are very happy that the Cup didn’t have to be canceled this year, but can take place as an innovative format with four virtual bike races offered by Rouvy. With Anne Haug, we have also won the reigning world champion for our idea, ” says Jürgen Hilberath, Managing Director of the BASF Triathlon Cup Rhein-Neckar, happy about the unconventional solution. He also hopes the Cup will also help make virtual races better known. According to a current survey by the racing bike magazine “Tour” (issue 9/2020), almost 21 percent of readers state that they have “no idea” about virtual races.

Successful start in Musbach

On June 7th, after only a short preparation, the Musbacher bike course kicked off the innovative format of the Cup. The replay of the race, in which Maximilian Saserath won ahead of Olympic squad athletes Justus Nieschlag and Malte Plappert, can – like all TCRN events in 2020 – be viewed at any time on YouTube or on the BASF Triathlon Cup website.

Strong starting field in Ladenburg

The RömerMan in Ladenburg followed on July 18th – with Florian Angert, Justus Nieschlag and Max Saßerath at the start. On the bike course over the White Stone in the Odenwald, athletes made for a competitive race that offered plenty of incentive to give everything on the smart bike. Florian Angert is an “old friend” at TCRN and the 28-year-old professional, who achieved first place in the Challenge in Prague and the Ironman Barcelona in 2019, won the BASF Cup three times from 2015 to 2017. At the virtual race in Ladenburg 2020, however, Angert had to give way to Max Saserath, who also won the RömerMan after Musbach, and Justus Nieschlag. Sebastian Kienle and Timo Bracht were connected via video and gave insights into their current training status.

Anne Haug crowned the HeidelbergMan – Max Saserath with a third victory

The most prominent face of the scene at this year’s BASF Triathlon Cup Rhein-Neckar was professional Anne Haug, who started at HeidelbergMan. The well known sports star who crowned her career last year by winning the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, gave everything on the demanding route of the HeidelbergMan up to the Königstuhl to keep the field of female participants at a distance – in which she succeeded. In the men’s championship, defending champion Maximilian Saserath was again dominant. He was also the first to cross the finish line in Heidelberg and relegated Malte Plappert and Justus Nieschlag to 2nd and 3rd place.

Viernheim with IM 70.3 Vice World Champion Emma Pallant

The end of the series of competitions in this innovative format will be the Viernheim V-Card Triathlon on 23 August with its bike course from the Hemsbacher Wiesensee. It goes virtually over the Juhöhe in the Odenwald and through the Saukopftunnel back to Viernheim. The winner of all previous virtual TCRN races, Max Saserath, will be back to battle for first place on the Viernheim track – and will do everything to complete his winning streak. Since Max Saserath will set up his bike in the studio this time, he can report on his experiences and further plans in the live circuit after the race.

Emma Pallant brings international flair to the field of participants in Viernheim. The 31-year-old British woman, who was Vice World Champion Ironman 70.3 in 2017 and is also a 2-time Duathlon World Champion, will not only compete in the final race of the TCRN, but will also give a video interview.

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