Virtual Badges Meh! Get Physical Rewards with Healthi and meSNAPS

August 3, 2022

Virtual Badges Meh! Get Physical Rewards with Healthi and meSNAPS

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Reward Your Weight Loss with Healthi and MeSnaps

Diet and weight loss company, Healthi, offers clients a mobile app with six unique weight loss plans. Each curated weight loss plan addresses some the most common goals and hurdles that people face when trying to lose weight. Healthi has partnered with BibBoards to provide customized MeSnaps that act as physical rewards to users to celebrate their successes and milestones on their weight loss journeys.

Fitness app and weight loss tool Healthi offers clients a platform where they can set weight loss goals and work with their online community to meet their goals and live a healthier lifestyle. Healthi has partnered with BibBoards to provide customized MeSnaps that act as physical rewards for users who meet their goals and lose weight.

How does Healthi Help you Set Goals and Lose Weight?

Healthi is a leading diet and weight loss company that supports and celebrates all health and weight loss journeys. Healthi’s mobile app provides individuals with everything they need to reach their weight loss goals. From a vast recipe database to weight loss plans to a unique food scoring system, Healthi offers users a full weight loss program that is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. In addition to providing all the tools needed to reach your weight loss goals, Healthi also celebrates and rewards milestones with physical and virtual rewards.

“Healthi Members earn milestone badges in the Healthi app to celebrate their weight loss achievements. With BibBoards meSnaps, now Healthi Members can have a physical badge as well to celebrate and showcase these weight loss successes.”, says Healthi CEO Shaun Steingold.

What are MeSnaps?

MeSnaps are fully customizable 3D charms that are perfect for all occasions. MeSnaps utilize patented technology to snap to your clothing, hat, or bag without poking holes or causing rips. MeSnaps are a fun and colorful way to add personalized charms to your outfit. MeSnaps also offers the perfect opportunity for companies like Healthi to create unique and tangible rewards. MeSnaps are the perfect achievement badge because they won’t fall off and will not damage your clothes. Unlike virtual badges, MeSnaps can be cherished forever and worn to share your achievement with everyone.

A Physical Reward for a Journey of Hard Work

Healthi and MeSnaps have partnered to create an amazing set of achievement badges for those who meet their goals on the app. Users can now earn physical badges to celebrate their successes on their weight loss journey. for their hard work and weight loss. Healthi MeSnaps are unique and saved only for those who earn them. Not only do these badges look great, but they also offer users motivation to stay committed to their weight loss journey.

“These meSNAPS badges turned out amazing, people will be able to wear and share the success they had with Healthi App meSNAPS”, says Brian Goodell of BibBoards.

MeSnaps is excited to give Healthi users high-quality 3D milestone achievement badges that can be collected and worn to show all of the weight loss success they have achieved earned. Online badges are great, but nothing feels better than holding a physical award in your hand for all of your hard work. Healthi MeSnaps will give users a tangible reward that they can be proud to wear and display wherever they choose. MeSnaps’ patented technology will ensure that whatever you put your achievement Heathi badge on, won’t get ruined with holes or tears. Show your pride with MeSnaps from Healthi.