Vincenzo Nibali rides the Haute Route as new partnership announced

March 21, 2024

Italian apparel brand Q36.5 to provide race kits to the multi-day cycling series

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Q36.5, the Italian cycling apparel brand has inked a significant partnership deal with Haute Route as technical partner for the upcoming 2024 multi-day cycling series. This collaboration, announced today, will be spearheaded by three-time Grand Tour winner Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali.

As part of the partnership, Q36.5 will outfit all cyclists participating in the 2024 Haute Route events with its iconic Gregarius Pro Jersey, with plans to unveil the new race kit 2024 design in April. In keeping with Q36.5’s commitment to maintain cyclist’s core temperature at 36.5ºC, the jersey features an aerodynamic design tailored for high-intensity riding, along with proprietary materials sourced within 350km from its Bolzano headquarters. As well as manufacturing, the brand continually optimises its state-of-the-art gear in its Bolzano-based Research Laboratory, ensuring an unmatched fit and performance.

Injecting a dose of star power into the collaboration is cycling legend and Q36.5 Brand Ambassador Vincenzo Nibali, who will be riding alongside cyclists at the grand finale of the Haute Route Pyrénées edition this summer. “Having lived and breathed cycling since the age of sixteen, I’m very excited to be ambassador for a brand that invests so much into helping cyclists improve their performance,” said Vincenzo.

Participants will don the official Q36.5 Jersey for the two highly-anticipated 2024 Haute Route events: The Haute Route Pyrénées, from 1 – 5 July, and the Haute Route Alps, scheduled from 25 – 31 August. Carefully designed with bucket-list climbs made famous by the Tour de France, the routes promise unforgettable adventures through scenic landscapes, from the rich Pyrenean views of Pau to Béarn, to the breathtaking mountain ranges stretching from Megève to Nice.

Haute Route CEO Eric Conrad, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with a brand that so closely shares our values. Haute Route has offered amateur enthusiasts across the world multi-day cycling events since 2011, and shares Q36.5’s commitment to delivering a professional-grade experience. From premium hospitality to flawless event management, Haute Route mirrors professional road racing in a way that is accessible to all levels of riders.”

Luigi Bergamo, CEO and Head of R&D at Q36.5, said: “Q36.5 is proud to partner with Haute Route France and equip all riders participating in the 2024 edition with the Gregarius Pro Jersey and Summer Cap, enabling them to push themselves to the limit and beyond in the world’s most prestigious amateur bike event.”

As Q36.5 and Haute Route gear up to provide cyclists with an unparalleled experience, anticipation surges for the two editions ahead.

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Since its inception in 2011, Haute Route has become one of the most prestigious cycling events in the world, offering participants the chance to embark on extraordinary multi-day gran fondos across stunning mountainous landscapes. In November 2023, Haute Route’s French events were acquired by France Vélo Evénements, a firm created earlier in the year with two shareholders, the French cycling Federation and Hopscotch. The ambition is to stay true to Haute Route’s core ethos: empowering amateur cyclists to push themselves in a positive and supportive atmosphere with unparalleled support.


Italian technical cycling apparel brand Q36.5 was co-founded by Luigi Bergamo and Sabrina Emmas in 2013. Since its inception, Q36.5 has been distinguished by using high-tech fabrics aimed at facilitating athletes’ thermoregulation in situations of extreme exertion in all environmental conditions, even the most difficult. The brand’s name is a testament to its core mission: Q as in the Latin term “quaerere”, meaning ”research”, while “36.5” references the ideal temperature in degrees Celsius for a healthy human body. In 2021, Q36.5 also launched its first cycling shoe, UNIQUE SHOES – the world’s first body-mapped shoe, already worn by several professional athletes and appreciated for its comfortable fit and efficient Watt transmission. The brand collaborates with several renowned athletes, including Swiss triathlete and former world champion Daniela Ryf, South African former cyclist Douglas Ryder, as well as Italian former cyclist Maurizio Fondriest.