Ventum Partners with Former Pro Cyclist Christian Vande Velde

March 6, 2020

(Heber City, UT) Christian Vande Velde raced road bikes at the highest level throughout his professional career from 1998–2013, competing at the 2008 Summer Olympics and multiple iterations of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. Post-retirement, Vande Velde has built a second life in cycling through his role as a coach, NBC commentator, Peloton instructor, and now as a partner with Ventum.

“Ventum is excited to partner with a cyclist of Christian’s caliber,” says CEO Diaa Nour. “He may be finished with his pro career, but he continues to contribute to cycling, and his passion for growing the sport shines through. We are a brand that is committed to making the best performance bikes possible, but we are equally passionate about the cycling community; Christian is a perfect fit in this role.”

Since the launch of its signature Ventum One triathlon bike five years ago, Ventum has expanded to offer customizable frames, a new Ventum Z triathlon bike, and an aero all-road bike: the NS1. The company plans to tap into Vande Velde’s years of road experience to offer feedback on its products.

“Ventum has always done things a little differently,” Nour says. “The company was started on the principle that traditional bike design needed to be disrupted, and we developed the Ventum One, which revolutionized non-traditional aero frames in triathlon. Similarly, Christian’s racing years were at a time when the road peloton realized that aerodynamics were critical and needed to be optimized. He was on the forefront of that shift in the industry and brings decades of road-tested product knowledge and racing experience.”

 Being able to offer input to shape and evolve Ventum’s cutting-edge offerings is an element of the partnership that also excites the former pro.

“I really like the prospects of being able to have my voice heard, which was one of the biggest draws of working with Ventum,” Vande Velde says. “Just to be a part of the process and to be able to say hey, tweak something, and know I was a part of that change. With brands that are much bigger, it’s hard to change course.”

In 2020, Ventum will launch several new models, starting with its new GS1 gravel bike early this summer. “We will continue to build upon our race-winning heritage and take that into multiple new product segments in the industry,” Nour says. “The GS1 will have the same inspired performance design as our other bikes, but made to go fast when the pavement ends.”

About Ventum:

Ventum was founded in 2014 by a team of athlete-engineer and entrepreneurs and is based in Heber City, Utah. The company creates high-performance racing bicycles using technology from fighter jets and Formula 1 and is the Official Global Bike Partner of IRONMAN. Learn more about Ventum at ventumracing.com.