Velous Footwear Partners With Non-Profit Hav a Sole for Local Shoe Donation

December 19, 2023

PORTLAND, Oregon, (December 19, 2023) — ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE –  Velous Footwear, a leading recovery shoe company with a revolutionary foam formula and Tri-Motion technology, today announced it partnered with the non-profit organization Hav A Sole to donate $5,000 worth of its shoes delivering on the company’s commitment to giving back.

CEO and co-founder of Velous, Tim Bartels, attended the event along with other members of the team.

“We were pleased to join Hav A Sole’s Portland chapter at Blanchet House in Portland and grateful to provide this donation,” said Tim Bartels, CEO and cofounder of Velous Footwear.” “We look forward to partnering with Hav A Sole on future shoe donations, and we are thankful to them for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event.”

All the shoes donated will be redistributed to people in need of a new pair of shoes by the Portland chapter of Hav A Sole led by Chuck Gatchell, which will directly help individuals in the local community.

Portland-based non-profit Blanchet House provides food, shelter, clothing, and transitional recovery programs to thousands of people every year.

Velous Footwear’s core mission is to help athletes of all levels recover from their training faster and better. Similarly, Velous Footwear’s approach to philanthropy aims to help people get back on their feet, either through shoe or monetary donations.

About Velous Footwear
Velous Footwear is a Portland-based footwear company founded by footwear industry veterans. It manufactures recovery shoes designed to cushion and support your tired feet and legs to help people recover faster from workouts. The company’s proprietary Tri-Motion technology uses Foamotion, a specially formulated foam, to cushion each part of the foot strike motion. The company spent two years developing this technology before going to market. In addition to helping people recover from strenuous activity, Velous Footwear is also dedicated to giving back by donating to charities that help people get back on their feet.

About Hav A Sole
Hav A Sole is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that gives shoes to children in need of a new pair.  The organization was founded in 2014 by Rikki Mendias, an avid sneaker enthusiast who turned his passion for collecting shoes into a way to give back. With frequent shoe donations from major shoe manufacturers, the organization has donated over 50,000 pairs of shoes in over 40 cities across the country. During the pandemic, when in-person events weren’t possible, the organization took road trips across the country to hand out shoes from a sprinter van.

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