UTMB World Series partners with DAZN to supercharge growth through worldwide coverage

April 23, 2024

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – UTMB® World Series and DAZN, the world’s leading live sports streaming service, have signed a groundbreaking two-year global broadcast partnership to showcase UTMB World Series in 2024 and 2025.

With 43 events taking place across Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, and the Americas as part of the world’s ultimate trail running circuit, this partnership will offer both new and longtime fans the opportunity to experience all the action from the UTMB right from their living room. DAZN’s immersive streaming technology will bring lovers of the outdoors closer to all of the action from the UTMB World Series than ever before.

With this new partnership, DAZN will distribute live global coverage from eight flagship UTMB World Series Events, including the Finals at the pinnacle HOKA UTMB® Mont-Blanc and the three UTMB World Series Majors: HOKA Canyons Endurance Runs™ by UTMB®, HOKA Val d’Aran by UTMB® and HOKA Chiang Mai Thailand by UTMB®. DAZN will also showcase live coverage from the following unique destinations: Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB®, Eiger Ultra Trail by UTMB®, Wildstrubel by UTMB® and Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB®.

What’s more, fans will be able to access all the best of the UTMB World Series for free as the content will live within DAZN’s ever-expanding global free tier. Viewers will also enjoy exclusive access to the official 2024 HOKA UTMB Mont-Blanc documentary – a 52-minute programme offering an immersive journey behind the scenes, following their sporting heroes in the lead up to and throughout the UTMB World Series Finals.

UTMB Group CEO Frédéric Lénart said: “This new collaboration with DAZN marks a spectacular step forward for UTMB World Series and its worldwide visibility. We were born on the wish to make trail running accessible to a large community of sport and outdoor lovers and thanks to DAZN, we’re looking forward to reaching new audiences and offering them to discover the strengths of trail running discipline.

Global CEO of Freemium at DAZN, Elena Novokreshchenova said “This new global partnership with UTMB World Series represents a significant and exciting addition to our free content proposition. We are pleased to be playing a part in bringing UTMB to a worldwide audience who will be able to access the best action at no cost.

Distributing live content worldwide, excluding the United States of America, Canada and France, DAZN is set to provide both old and new fans unparalleled access to the sport of trail running. Another groundbreaking year awaits the UTMB Live production in 2024 as UTMB World Series have also secured broadcast deals with Outside Interactive, Inc. in USA and Canada, L’Équipe in France and iQIYI in China.

The calendar of UTMB World Series Events broadcast on DAZN:

  • 26-27 April: HOKA Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB, UTMB World Series Americas Major
  • 6-8 June: Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB
  • 3-7 July: HOKA Val d’Aran by UTMB, UTMB World Series European Major
  • 17-21 July: Eiger Ultra Trail by UTMB
  • 26 August-1st September: HOKA UTMB Mont-Blanc, UTMB World Series Finals
  • 12-15 September: Wildstrubel by UTMB
  • 3-6 October: Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB
  • 5-8 December: HOKA Chiang Mai Thailand by UTMB, UTMB World Series Asia-Pacific Major

The first live event will take place on 26-27 April at the first UTMB World Series Major of the year, HOKA Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB, with unmissable action promised. Go to dazn.com to watch live action, starting 19:00 UTC or live.utmb.world to follow the complete Event.

About UTMB® World Series 

UTMB® World Series is the world’s ultimate trail-running circuit that unites the sport’s biggest stars and passionate runners through the best, leading international events in the most stunning locations. Built on a passion for the mountains with sustainability at its heart, UTMB® World Series gives all trail runners the chance to experience the UTMB® adventure across the world, with events taking place across Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. It is the only place where runners can begin their quest to HOKA UTMB® Mont-Blanc, where the prestigious UTMB® World Series Finals will be held. Launched in May 2021 through the collaboration between the UTMB Group and The IRONMAN Group, the UTMB World Series circuit brings together many of the best international trail-running events on the planet. For more information, visit https://utmb.world.

About UTMB Group

Since the creation of HOKA UTMB® Mont-Blanc in 2003 by a group of passionate friends, UTMB Group has been the driving force behind the development of trail running. The HOKA UTMB® Mont-Blanc is the sports pinnacle event, and every year, 10,000 runners earn their place on the start line. UTMB Group also pioneered the LiveTrail® technology, an innovative digital service that supports the management of endurance races. Revered by hundreds of thousands of athletes, UTMB® has become a global, premium, and leading brand. In May 2021, UTMB Group partnered with The IRONMAN Group to launch the UTMB® World Series, which brings together many of the best international events on the planet to provide exclusive access to the sport’s pinnacle event, HOKA UTMB® Mont-Blanc. The UTMB® World Series is built on the founding principles of HOKA UTMB® Mont-Blanc: surpassing oneself; fair-play; respect for people and the environment; and solidarity. Find out more at https://utmb.world.

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