US Trail Running Conference Debut Webinar a Success

January 27, 2021

Webinar explored the future of safe trail races during COVID

Estes Park, CO– The first webinar in a nine-webinar series introduced by the US Trail Running Conference was hosted on Thursday January 21. The content focused on and explored the future of safe trail races during the COVID pandemic. Active at Altitude, organizers of the US Trail Running Conference and the webinar series, reported that participation for the first webinar exceeded expectations. More than 70 participants registered, with a live attendance rate of 72 percent. Race Directors, organizers and trail runners from 25 states, as well as Canada, Peru, Macedonia, The Azores and Romania were represented among the attendees. Race Directors attending represented 128,000 runners.

Speakers during the first webinar included Tracy Høeg, MD, PhD, a Sports Medicine physician (pictured above during the webinar), with a PhD in Epidemiology, and Associate Researcher at UC Davis, and Andy Pasternak, Western States 100 medical team, MD, MPH. Høeg covered the exposure and risks outdoors for races, the efficacy of masks, what other races have been doing during the pandemic, the implications of a Belgian-Dutch study, protocols, benefits, guidelines, and her personal research.

Pasternak covered updates on the current status of vaccine rollout in the US, a comparison of available vaccines, vaccine distribution, and criteria for returning to racing.

The webinar was completed by information on an innovative new format for safe trail races, Open Course racing, delivered by Greg Lanctot from Pacific Coast Trail Runs, and Adam Stepanovic from PWRLab.

Each webinar is presented by industry leaders in their respective fields, and offers information that can boost a race director’s knowledge and afford insight into innovative practices to implement at their events. Every participant receives a toolkit document
after each webinar that details key actionable items, while there will be an opportunity to follow up on deliverables through an online forum, and in-person or remotely at the 2021 US Trail Running Conference to be held October 27-30, in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

More info:

For details on the webinar series and to register, go to https://ustrailrunningconference.com/webinar-series/.

Contact Event Director, Terry Chiplin for further information, terry@ustrailrunningconference.com, or 303-304-9159

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