Updated Results Of San Francisco Marathon 2023 Ultra and Full Marathon Divisions

July 24, 2023

San Francisco, CA – July 24, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The San Francisco Marathon releases updated preliminary results of the ultra and full marathon divisions from the July 23, 2023 races. The unofficial results for the ultra and full marathon categories include:

Full Marathon:

Men’s Division – Brice Daubord at 02:26:18

Women’s Division – Leandra Zimmerman at 02:45:00

Non-Binary+ Division – Jen (JL) Odom – 03:27:43

Ultra Marathon:

Men’s Division – Mike Masefield at 10:26:19

Women’s Division – Jennifer Tobits at 11:59:18

“We are so thankful over 29k runners participated in the 46th San Francisco Marathon, whether the full marathon, half or 10k, this figure is quite a landmark,” said Lauri Abrahamsen, GeneralManager at Jumping Fences, Inc. “We hit several milestones this year, including a long-term partnership with PUMA, signing Olympic runner Alexi Pappas as our first Global Ambassador, and building even more relationships with a diverse community of runners. We can’t wait to return next year.”

The San Francisco Marathon congratulates all the winners and participants for their unwavering dedication and outstanding performances. It is grateful to be supported by partners PUMA, Waymo, Garmin, Nuun, Fitvine Wine, Suntory All-Free, Chargel, and SHOKZ.


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