UNDRBUDR™ Introduces Muscle Budr™, A New Approach to Muscle Recovery

June 3, 2021

Montclair, NJ – UNDRBUDR, which develops high performance, nature-inspired skincare, today announced the launch of Muscle Budr an entire new line of muscle recovery products almost one year after launching UNDRBUDR Chamois Cream, which has already become an overnight success.

Muscle Budr represents years of clinical research, personal and focus group testing, and surveying over 200 athletes.  We looked at every topical muscle recovery product including those with carnosine, CBD, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate.  The results were always the same;

  1. Only 20% of users considered these products “Highly Effective”
  2. A significant portion noted variability of results even for the same product
  3. Most did not feel they were getting an adequate cost to benefit ratio, particularly with CBD topicals

“When developing Muscle Budr, I looked at my own training stress issues.  Rarely is it just muscle soreness, I deal with back pain, cramping and general inflammation.  I wanted to develop something that was not only potent but comprehensive, addressing the many forms of training stress“ said Rich Ferraro, CEO and Founder of UNDRBUDR, LLC.  “The next challenge was ingredients and process; we were determined to maintain our high performance, nature inspired approach to formulation, and we knew we had to eliminate the variability we observed in the many commercial products we tested”.

Knowing what didn’t work, plus previous experience in biomanufacturing, UNDRBUDR developed their own proprietary process sourcing natural, organic herbs like arnica & comfrey and infusing them in a highly concentrated, small batch, microbrew process.  This forms the base of Muscle Budr’s three-part formulation.  Added to this are an array of concentrated essential oils noted to address training stress indications such as cramping, nerve pain and inflammation.  Finally, a special blend of essential oils is prepared to create three Muscle BudrTM varieties to help match mental & physical condition; energize, destress or ground depending on the application.  This is all combined with carefully selected oils and butters which are optimized for their transdermal carrier properties in both massage oil and salve formats.

About UNDRBUDR, LLC (undrbudr.com)

UNDRBUDR develops high performance, nature-inspired skincare to protect active people before during and after exercise.  UNDRBUDR continues to set an industry standard by being the first to develop and improve upon performance metrics specific to skincare and recovery products and improve on them.  UNDRBUDR is also committed to sourcing natural, sustainable ingredients which meet these performance standards rather than chemical or synthetic equivalents wherever possible.