UltrAspire Elite Jeff Browning secures his 22nd 100-mile victory at the Zion 100

April 13, 2021

This victory ties him with the legendary Ann Trason for 2nd most career 100 milers ever won

After little to no racing during the 2020 season, the competitive field is looking to be stellar this year as ultramarathoners gear up to tackle the race season. For Jeff Browning, the Zion 100 was on his list and there were some big goals attached to it. This past weekend, Jeff secured his 40th 100-mile finish and in doing so landed the win with a time of 17:44:24 giving him his 22nd 100-mile victory which ties him with the legendary Ann Trason for the 2nd most career 100-mile wins.

Jeff had another goal, to break his 2014 course record time of 16:49. “By the halfway point, I realized the new course layout was more technical and slower. And it was quite a bit hotter than anticipated. I had to refocus and look to run a solid and consistent race.” -Jeff Browning said. Jeff was crewed by UltrAspire Founder and Designer, Bryce Thatcher and his wife Vanessa. “It was a really great experience. Jeff was dialed and ready for each checkpoint. I don’t know many athletes who come as prepared as Jeff does.” Bryce said.

With the 2021 race season coming into full swing Jeff has a big schedule ahead of him and UltrAspire looks forward to supporting his endeavors now, and into the future.

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