UltrAspire Celebrates a New Patent on a Unique Vest Harness

April 9, 2020

UltrAspire secures a patent for the Astral 3.0 HerFit Harness system

St. George, Utah – 35 years ago the CEO and Founder of UltrAspire, Bryce Thatcher, created the hydration pack category and has been innovating on the idea ever since. Resultantly, UltrAspire has been known to introduce new concepts to the running scene. Those concepts are then tested and iterated upon using feedback from actual athletes. “Innovation comes from the desire to perform better,” said Bryce Thatcher.

The Astral hydration vest series’ unique harness system is one example of these innovations. Its shoulder straps and adjustment system are specifically designed to better fit women while accommodating a variety of body shapes. When the first iteration of the Astral launched, the initial vest and harness design was tested on a sample of 12 women, and it subsequently won the Most Innovative award by Concept to Company. Through time and revision, the Astral has gone through many iterations to reach the current state. UltrAspire recently applied for a patent on this design, and they are excited to have successfully had the patent issued.

“I like the Astral 3.0 because of the adjustment not only on the side but also the arms, it allows for the pockets to spread further onto the side if you are larger chested, or cinch down smaller if you are smaller chested all while not restricting the ladies,” said Jodi Hicks, UltrAspire Athlete Manager. With the popularity and rapid growth of Trail Running, UltrAspire wants to ensure that there are high quality options for every level of runner. “The shrink it and pink it idea doesn’t work for something like this. Women deserve an option that fits in a way that is comfortable and designed specifically for them. I believe the Astral is that option,” said Hicks.

“I love the Astral system because it doesn’t constrict my chest. I also like that no matter how narrow or broad (I am broad) through the chest and shoulders it’s a comfortable fit while fitting close to the body. As someone with asthma, oftentimes strapping makes me claustrophobic.. I don’t have that issue with UltrAspire,” said Ultrarunner Heather Scott.

UltrAspire intends to continue innovating in the running market by providing products that address the issues that runners have.

About UltrAspire:

UltrAspire is a high-performance, innovative outdoor gear company. From competitive endurance sports to the casual adventurer, UltrAspire keeps to a very important code which is to create an inspired outdoor experience. Gear up with UltrAspire and experience the difference at www.ultraspire.com