Ultra X Announces Fractel as Official Headwear Partner for 2024

February 21, 2024

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Ultra X, the renowned organizer of multi-stage ultra-marathons, is delighted to declare Fractel as its Official Headwear Partner for the 2024 event season. This collaboration signifies a union of shared values, including sustainability, diversity, and the spirit of adventure.

Commenting on the partnership, Matt Nutia, Founder of Fractel, expressed his enthusiasm “Joining forces with Ultra X as their official headwear sponsor marries our mutual passion for sustainability, diversity, and the spirit of adventure. We’ve been working with the Ultra X Team over the past 12 months creating Custom Headwear for their races, so this felt like an organic next step in our partnership. Our collaboration, rooted in providing runners with premium, eco-friendly headwear, amplifies a shared mission to make ultra-running inclusive and environmentally conscious. Together, we’re setting the pace for a future where every race is an opportunity to inspire, connect, and protect our planet.”

Ultra X Co-Founder, Jamie Sparks, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the significance of the partnership. “We are thrilled to announce Fractel as our Official Headwear Partner for the 2024 event season. Their dedication to sustainability and providing premium headwear solutions perfectly aligns with our mission to deliver top-notch experiences for our athletes while promoting environmental consciousness within our community.”

As part of the partnership, Ultra X will be developing a line of custom headwear throughout the 2024 season, ensuring athletes have access to high-quality, eco-friendly and stylish headwear options.

Media enquiries:

Sam Heward, Co-Founder of Ultra X, at sam@ultra-x.co or +447585707521

About Ultra X:

Ultra X organizes a series of multi-stage ultra-marathons in some of the world’s most remarkable locations. Committed to creating transformative experiences, Ultra X provides unparalleled support to participants, making these events accessible to all. From the picturesque landscapes of the Peak District to the captivating sand dunes of Morocco, Ultra X offers life-changing running adventures every year. In 2024 they will host 21 races in 12 different locations.

Website: www.ultra-x.co

About Fractel:

Fractel is a premium sportswear brand, focusing on headwear, innovation and sustainability. Their products, known for their unique blend of style, functionality, and sustainability, have set them apart in the sportswear industry.

To find out more: https://fractel.co.uk/