UK Off-Road Resurgence: Elite Athletes Ready for 2024 XTERRA Weston Park

May 8, 2024

Key Points

  • XTERRA Weston Park returns for its second year on May 11th, 2024, providing a challenging UK setting for both new and experienced off-road triathletes.
  • Unique permanent bike course within the private 1,000-acre estate of Weston Park, designed specifically for XTERRA racing.
  • Global competitor draw with a €7,500 elite prize purse and 28 World Championship slots, making it a crucial stop on the XTERRA EMEA Tour.

STAFFORDSHIRE, UK /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – XTERRA Weston Park, now in its second year, is set to unfold on May 11th, 2024, marking the seventh stop of the XTERRA EMEA Tour. Nestled in the expansive and meticulously landscaped 1,000-acre estate of Weston Park, this event offers a unique setting that appeals to both newcomers and seasoned triathletes alike.

Building on the success of its inaugural event, XTERRA Weston Park returns as the only event in the XTERRA World Tour hosted entirely within a private estate, boasting a mountain bike course that has now become a permanent feature of the venue.

With an Elite Prize Purse of €7,500 and 28 slots available for the XTERRA World Championship in Trentino, Italy, the competition in one of the UK’s most esteemed off-road settings continues to draw in triathletes from across the globe.

Course Overview

Swim (1.5K): The Full Distance Race kicks off with a two-lap, 1.5-kilometer swim in the estate’s private lake, meticulously prepared by organizers to ensure clear and unobstructed waters.

Bike (28K): Following the swim, athletes will tackle a 28-kilometer bike course over two loops that encompass the entire estate. The route features a blend of wooded singletrack and fast-paced gravel tracks allowing competitors to engage fully with the diverse landscape of Weston Park.

Run (11K): The event concludes with a newly designed 11-kilometer run that adds an extra layer of difficulty to the final stretch. The course includes more technical singletrack, a scramble through a quarry, and a challenging ascent, designed to test athletes’ resolve and endurance in the concluding stages of the race.

Elite Course Insights

Here’s what several elite athletes have to say about the course:

Kerri-Ann Upham (GBR): “The course is very different from other races on the XTERRA circuit. On the surface it doesn’t look too bad, not too hilly and not too technical. However, the soggy terrain, and long steady inclines are real leg sappers – it takes much more out of you than you realise.”

Daisy Davies (GBR): “The swim is probably going to be a bit chilly, but that doesn’t phase me! The bike & run courses look fairly technical with a mixture of free flowing trails and some gnarlier sections.”

Carina Wasle (GBR): I know the course is quite flat and fast. Maybe that does not

play to my advantage, but it’s good for me to wake up my body with something speedy.”

Lizzie Orchard (NZL): “Weston Park is a unique XTERRA location where you are racing past an impressive country house and through surrounding parklands.”

Morgan Rhodes (GBR): “The course is not so technical and more about just how much power you can push out of your legs. [It’s] great for beginners and pros and who doesn’t like a bit of mud to go along with racing?”

Will Draper (GBR): “The course is a great mixture of terrain and speeds. It becomes technical when you start to ride it fast which makes it a great option for beginners to take the routes more controlled and pros to race their hardest on.”

Elite Start List

Complete Start List here.

(World Ranking – Name, NAT)


66 – Pierre Simeon, FRA

91 – Morgan Rhodes, GBR

NR – William Draper, GBR

NR – Benjamin Goodfellow, GBR

NR – Rory Strachan, GBR

NR – Jan Chrzanowski, POL


16 – Elizabeth Orchard, NZL

16 – Carina Wasle, AUT

20 – Daisy Davies, GBR

26 – Bonnie van Wilgenburg, GBR

31 – Jana Dubcova, CZE

35 – Kerri-Ann Upham, GBR

38 – Camille Jobard, FRA

59 – Barbora Stupková, CZE

Men’s Race Preview

Morgan Rhodes (GBR), Will Draper (GBR), and Benjamin Goodfellow (GBR) all return after securing top five finishes last year at XTERRA Weston Park.

Morgan Rhodes, who placed third, enters as one of the favorites, bolstered by his 15th-place finish at the XTERRA World Cup Stop #2 in Greece this April. Rhodes shares his journey back to competition: “Feels good to be on the start line after a good winter training was sort of diminished in February when I came off the bike and did some serious damage causing severe concussion, broken ribs, a punctured lung and nerve damage to shoulder which took me back in my training by a number of weeks and have been scrambling back to find some fitness for start of season.

Speaking on his fellow competitors Rhodes shared, “I raced against Will Draper and Ben Goodfellow at XTERRA Weston Park last year and they seem like a couple of wicked athletes that will make the race day exciting and a close one to call. I just don’t know if you can pass up the opportunity of a UK XTERRA. Nothing quite like riding your mountain bike through UK woodlands.”

William Draper, finishing fourth at Weston Park in 2023, looks to be a strong contender for the top spot after winning the Stafford Half Marathon and placing 8th at Challenge Gran Canaria. Draper expresses his enthusiasm: “I’m excited to get back to Weston Park for the race. I really enjoyed the experience last year. I have family who live nearby in Staffordshire. They always support me in any race I do so it’s nice to compete live for them.”

Benjamin Goodfellow, who secured a fifth-place finish last year, is known for his consistent and measured approach to racing. Draper highlights Goodfellow’s competitiveness: “Ben is a strong and measured competitor, I’ve raced him a few times on the long course scene and he’s not one of those athletes who blows up halfway through – so you can never relax with him on course, even if you’re ahead.”

A notable late addition to the men’s field is Pierre Simeon (FRA), a seasoned XTERRA elite. Although ranking above his competitors, Simeon faces his first challenge of 2024 at Weston Park with less familiarity of the course compared to his local rivals. His last performance at the 2023 XTERRA World Championship in Italy, where he finished 43rd, and his winter training efforts will be key factors as he contends against the local favorites.

Women’s Marquee Matchups

The women’s race at XTERRA Weston Park is shaping up to be a headline event, featuring a stacked lineup of elite athletes. Lizzie Orchard (NZL), the defending 2023 champion at this venue and recent winner of XTERRA Australia, is in prime form and the favorite to claim victory. After a strong showing at the XTERRA World Cup Stop #2 in Greece where she placed 9th, Orchard is optimistic about her readiness, stating, “I’m the type of racer who only really knows what the body is like once the gun goes off, but the legs will have had 2 weeks recovery after XTERRA Greece so they should be ready to go. I believe the elite women’s field is more numerous than the men’s this year, some of us have raced each other already so it will be interesting to see where the others are at. I hope we are relatively close, it always makes for more exciting viewing and we push each other too.”

Carina Wasle (AUT), a seasoned competitor and 2023 winner of XTERRA Lake Scanno, is also a strong contender. Now in her 19th year, Wasle is one of the most traveled XTERRA athletes of all-time. She is currently in the thick of the 2024 XTERRA World Cup with a 7th place finish in Stop #1 in Taiwan and an 8th place result in Stop #2 in Greece. She will be using this event as a way of staying in top form. She expressed, “It is my first time racing in the UK. I’ll take it as a fast race out of training. I know Daisy Davies and she is my favorite for the win. She is a very fast swimmer and also strong in the other disciplines. With Lizzie Orchard and Kerri-Ann Upham, there is a good fight for the podium. I’ll see how hard I can push on this course and hopefully I can make it into the Top 3.”

Daisy Davies (GBR), known for her strengths in road triathlons and in the water, is returning to XTERRA after a break, bringing a renewed vigor and enthusiasm to the competition. “I’ve had a solid winter after a difficult last year with illness & injury. I’m really looking forward to getting back onto the start line and showing what I’m capable of,” said Davies. “The start list looks like there’s some good women racing, so it’ll be a tough race. I’m hoping to get a good start in the swim, then see how it goes. Having an XTERRA in the UK is great, I was disappointed to not be able to race last year. I’m really excited to get stuck in this coming weekend.”

Kerri-Ann Upham (GBR), who finished third at Weston Park last year, is keen to capitalize on her home advantage and her training during a particularly wet UK winter. “Over the winter months I have had a really good consistent block of training, I’m feeling strong and ready to race. Mentally, I am more determined than ever to execute a performance that is reflective of all the hard work I have put in,” Upham continued. “I’ve not raced Daisy Davies before but I know she is an incredibly strong swimmer, I think she will lead the race out and then we will have to see who has the legs to close up the gaps on the bike. Defending champion Lizzie Orchard and Czech athlete Jana Dubcova are both strong bikers who will be looking to make their mark. After T2 all eyes will be on running weapons Carina Wasle and Bonnie Van Wilgenburg. We’ve had a really wet winter here in the UK so I am hoping for muddy conditions – I’ve become well accustomed to riding in the cold, wet, and mud!”

Upham’s mention of competitors like Bonnie van Wilgenburg (GBR) and Jana Dubcova (CZE) exemplifies the high level of competition expected at the event. Additionally, Barbora Stupková (CZE) is poised as another significant podium contender, further elevating the race’s stakes. Camille Jobard (FRA), fresh from a strong second-place finish at XTERRA Nouvelle Aquitaine, brings proven resilience and determination to the lineup, highlighting the intensity and competitive nature of this women’s off-road race.

In addition to the elite competition, XTERRA Weston Park will also host a Sprint Triathlon, featuring a 750M swim, a 14K MTB ride, and a 5K trail run. This event also provides Youth B and Junior athletes the opportunity to earn slots for the XTERRA Youth World Championship at the culmination of the inaugural 2024 XTERRA Youth Tour. Local vendors will be present, offering a selection of food and refreshments, concluding with a live show, rounding off a full day of race festivities.


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