UCAN Fuels Sara Hall to 2nd Fastest Marathon Ever Run by an American Woman

December 21, 2020

Nutrition The Key Pillar to Hall's Performance & Longevity

Sara Hall did it again! One of the United States’ most accomplished marathon runners set a new personal best at The Marathon Project, on her way to winning the race and running the second-fastest marathon time for an American woman (2:20:32). Hall’s time was less than a minute shy of Deena Kastor’s American record time of 2:19:36, set in 2006, and her personal best time by 89 seconds.

“I laid it all out there,” said Hall after the race in a post on Instagram. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to find my limits one more time in this crazy year!”

The personal best came just 11 weeks after Hall finished second at the London Marathon, a race in which she also ran a PR.  Hall is 37 years old, yet she is running the fastest times of her career. Her performances are proof that a body well-kept can compete at the highest level well beyond what experts have traditionally considered peak marathon age.

Nutrition is the key pillar that Sara credits for her longevity and recovery, so she can bounce back quickly. She started using UCAN, a groundbreaking innovation in sports nutrition, several years ago to fuel her training and racing.

“As a human biology major, I understand that what I put into my body is key to helping me perform my best,” says Hall. “Since I started training with UCAN, I’ve run the fastest marathons of my life.”

Hall’s Marathon Progression

Year Hall’s Fastest Marathon
2015 2:31:14
2016 2:30:06
2017 2:27:21
2018 2:26:20
2019 2:22:16
2020 2:20:32

You can get an inside look at why and how Sara fuels her training with UCAN here:


About Sara Hall:

Sara Hall is one of the top marathoners in the world, and one of the fastest US marathoners of all time. In just 4 years, Sara dropped 28 minutes from her marathon PR to run 2:20:32, the 2nd fastest time run by an American woman. Sara is also the runner up at the 2020 London Marathon, 2017 US Marathon Champion, 2018 Ottowa Marathon Champion, and has placed in the top 10 several times at major marathons. Sara is the world record holder for the treadmill half marathon with a time of 1:09:03, a 3-time US 10 Mile Champion, and the 20k National Champion in 2018. Hall is married to former running great Ryan Hall and mother to four sisters from Ethiopia.

About UCAN:  

UCAN is a company built on purpose and passion. UCAN products deliver smarter energy powered by SuperStarch®, a patented, slow-releasing complex carbohydrate that delivers steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and no crash. Originally created for a child with a rare metabolic disorder, UCAN Energy Powders and Energy Bars with SuperStarch® are the go-to nutrition for over 400 colleges and pro teams, Olympic marathoners, elite triathletes, cyclists, thought leaders in health and performance, recreational athletes, and everyday people looking for steady energy without excess sugar. Whether you’re an athlete, concerned about managing your fitness, or need healthy, efficient calories to get you through your day – make UCAN your energy solution. UCAN nutrition products are currently available in powder and bar format, in a variety of flavors, and can be purchased online at ucan.co and on Amazon.