Triathletes Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom sign to Tailwind Nutrition’s Athlete Roster

July 11, 2024

Tailwind and the That Triathlon Life Duo Plan to Collaborate Both On and Off Course; New Partnership Represents Tailwind’s First Triathlete Sponsorship

Durango, Colo. – July 11, 2024 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Today on the popular triathlon podcast That Triathlon Life, hosts and professional triathletes Eric Lagerstrom and Paula Findlay announced that they signed a partnership with leading sports nutrition company Tailwind Nutrition. After recently incorporating Tailwind into their nutrition plans, they approached the brand about creating a partnership, which has now come to fruition.

Paula is a decorated professional triathlete and Olympian, currently ranked fourth among all women on the T100 Triathlon World Tour. Eric is also an accomplished professional triathlete, as well as a videographer and endurance junkie, competing in long-distance mountain bike races and off-road triathlon in addition to traditional on-road triathlons. Together Paula and Eric are the talent behind That Triathlon Life, a media platform covering all things tri and endurance racing, with a mission “to give multisport lovers a sense of community, involvement, and a place they can go to feel like they’re not alone.”

Triathletes are well known for having their nutrition plans for training and racing down to an exact science, and Tailwind Nutrition is the leading science-backed provider of simple and complete sports nutrition products for athletes. Part of what drew Paula and Eric to Tailwind was the company’s practical approach to carefully formulated nutrition – giving them the peace of mind that their fueling needs will be met with great-tasting products – but also the vibe of the brand and the people around it.

“We were drawn to the sense of community that was there with Tailwind,” said Lagerstrom. “It really aligns with what we’ve tried to build over the years with That Triathlon Life and our community around triathlon. We posted one Instagram story recently while testing out their products, and the messages we were getting back about Tailwind were amazing to see – people are really drawn not just to the proven nutrition, but to the community the company has built.”

This is Tailwind’s first triathlete sponsorship, and also the first time Paula and Eric have shared a nutrition brand partner. Findlay said, “I’ve always been hesitant to commit to a single nutrition brand, because I’ve preferred to be flexible with whatever I want to use. But I love Tailwind’s drink mix for its taste and how it sits with my stomach.”

Lagerstrom added: “The fact that Tailwind is produced in the United States, with the ability to quickly develop products and successfully collaborate, gives us confidence in future collaborations we can genuinely support.”

Eric, Paula and Tailwind all share a commitment to finding ways to partner in deeper ways. The brand and the two athletes have begun discussing signature flavors, and have already begun beta testing for new products being developed with the needs of triathletes in mind. They are also considering potential beta testing with the That Triathlon Life community as a way to get feedback on products geared toward multisport endurance athletes.

In addition to the beta testing Eric and Paula are participating in, they have been trying out several Tailwind products in recent training and racing. They both enjoy the Dauwaltermelon Endurance Fuel, which is a watermelon with lime flavor created with another Tailwind athlete, Triple Crown Winner Courtney Dauwalter. For everyday hydration and shorter or less intense rides they have been using all flavors of Tailwind Rapid Hydration, Tailwind’s electrolyte mix featuring a light and bright taste, sweetened with a touch of cane sugar.

“We absolutely love what Paula and Eric are doing,” said Jeff Vierling, Co-Founder of Tailwind Nutrition. “Not only are they both amazing endurance athletes doing incredible things in competition, but the media platform and community they have built is unprecedented in the world of endurance sports. We are so excited for what the future holds for Paula and Eric and can’t wait to see this partnership flourish.”

For more information on Tailwind Nutrition, please visit: tailwindnutrition.com, and follow the brand on Instagram (@tailwindnutrition) and Facebook.

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