TrainerRoad Announces Release of Adaptive Training Platform, Making Machine Learning-Powered Training Available to Cyclists

November 2, 2021

TrainerRoad’s Powerful System for Personalizing Training is Now Available to All Athletes Across the TrainerRoad Ecosystem

 RENO, Nevada (November 2, 2021) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – TrainerRoad, cycling’s most complete and effective training system and the market leader in making athletes faster, announced today the official release of their Adaptive Training system, making TrainerRoad the world’s leading machine learning-driven training platform for cyclists.

TrainerRoad’s Adaptive Training system uses machine learning, science-based coaching principles, and an unprecedented data set to train athletes as individuals rather than offering cookie-cutter programs that don’t account for variability in training. With Adaptive Training, TrainerRoad is able to recommend the workout each athlete needs at the right time to reach their goals.

“The full integration of Adaptive Training is the next step in the ongoing development of TrainerRoad’s data-driven training ecosystem,” TrainerRoad Communications Director, Jonathan Lee said. “Thanks to a successful beta testing period, we’ve optimized the Adaptive Training experience and created a tool which puts the power of a seasoned coach in the hands of each TrainerRoad athlete. With every input — and we now have tens of millions — on the TrainerRoad platform, Adaptive Training evolves and becomes better at making intelligent recommendations for individual athletes.”

Starting today, all TrainerRoad athletes have access to this powerful tool. If an athlete is targeting a specific training goal or event, TrainerRoad’s Plan Builder will quickly create a custom plan, and Adaptive Training will offer intelligent adjustments throughout training to maximize athlete success. For those that prefer the freedom of picking workouts as they go, TrainNow uses Adaptive Training’s insights to automatically recommend workouts based on their current abilities. The more an athlete uses TrainerRoad, the better and more finely-tuned their training becomes.

“Adaptive Training is our most capable training system to date, but that doesn’t mean innovation stops here,” Lee said. “TrainerRoad is built on a foundation of always striving to improve and get better. We continue to push ourselves forward and develop the best tools possible to improve athlete performance.”

New athletes looking to increase their fitness and get faster with TrainerRoad can sign up today risk-free and receive a full refund within the first 30 days if they’re not 100% satisfied. To sign up or for more information on TrainerRoad, visit www.TrainerRoad.com.

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