Trailblazer Marley Blonsky Joins as Supersapiens’ Newest Ambassador

May 31, 2023

Supersapiens will work with Blonsky to champion athletes of all ages, sizes, abilities, and racial diversity to grow its capacity to be a more inclusive organization.

Atlanta – 31 May 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Supersapiens, the world’s first glucose management system designed for athletes, is proud to announce its partnership with Marley Blonsky. Supersapiens, powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, will work with Blonsky to champion athletes of all ages, sizes, abilities, and racial diversity to grow its capacity to be a more inclusive organization.

“Marley is an incredible force and we are honored to have her join the Supersapiens family. As a company, we are committed to accelerating diversity, equality, and inclusion on all fronts with the goal of helping all athletes unlock their potential,” said Supersapiens CEO and Founder Phil Southerland. “Working with Marley is just the beginning because we know that when we all come together to create a trusting community, we feel more connected to one another and more eager to get outside and do whatever sport brings us joy.”

Blonsky is an adventure cyclist, co-founder of All Bodies on Bikes – a movement working towards body-size inclusion in the cycling industry, co-host of the All Bodies on Bikes podcast, curve model, advocate, and consultant. She is fiercely passionate about size inclusion, believing that everyone deserves full access to life – including at work, sport, and home. The American returned to riding a bike as an adult due to her frustration with a slow bus commute but quickly expanded to running all of her errands on bike and going on longer adventures. She now is a frequent racer at various cycling events across the country.

“Health exists at every size. As a larger-bodied endurance athlete, having a partner like Supersapiens who is committed to helping each athlete perform at their best is truly validating and really exciting,” explained Blonsky. “While I may not look like your typical athlete, I am still out there doing the work – training, leading a team, setting goals, and working hard towards them.”

Marley’s size inclusion work started out of frustration with the lack of technical bike clothing available in her size. She took her experience with bike advocacy, combined her passion for size inclusion, and a new endeavor was born. As her miles and participation in the bike industry increased, the need for this work became even more evident. She regularly hosts classes and events for those wanting to learn more about cycling and cycling in bigger bodies through an approach that is centered around empathy and compassion.

Blonsky initially used Supersapiens through their SBT GRVL partnership. She said she was blown away to see the real-time impact of each snack during the ride and her body’s reaction to a particularly harrowing downhill section. She continued to wear the biosensor through her recovery and training rides and states that it truly revolutionized her fueling strategy.

“My glucose is quite steady most of the time, but riding hard definitely impacts it. I’ve been really interested in watching the impact of different foods (including bars, gels, and beverages) on my levels and then connecting that back to how I’m feeling. I’ve also been blown away by how low my blood sugar gets at night – I’ve always woken up really hungry and now it makes sense as to why,” said Blonsky. “I hate bonking. I’m also a data nerd – I absolutely love collecting as much data as I can about my rides, my body, and how I can feel better as I push my rides longer and harder. Seeing my glucose levels as I’m riding and going about my day – whether on a 30-mile training ride or a recovery hike – allows me to ensure that I’m fueling appropriately and not bonking.”

Supersapiens, powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense, is the first over-the-counter energy management system designed to visualize and understand the connection between glucose levels and energy. It provides personalized insights for meaningful behavior adjustments that improve health and performance. The Supersapiens ecosystem consists of the Supersapiens app, Supersapiens Energy Band, and Supersapiens Data Dashboard. Supersapiens integrates with select Wahoo and Garmin devices, TrainingPeaks, Nolio app, Apple Health, and more.

The Supersapiens system powered by Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is now available in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Learn more about the full line of Supersapiens products and purchase Abbott’s biosensor at www.supersapiens.com.

About Supersapiens

Supersapiens is aiming to be the most influential sports brand of the decade. They develop innovative insights around glucose that aim to unlock better performance and recovery by driving positive behavior changes.

Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is intended for athletes to measure their glucose levels. When used with a compatible product, the biosensor allows athletes to correlate their glucose levels and their athletic performance.

The Supersapiens system including Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor is not intended for medical use and is not intended for use in screening, diagnosis, treatment, cure, mitigation, prevention, or monitoring of diseases, including diabetes.

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