Tracksmith Launches Alumni Championship

October 6, 2020

Virtual race supports college track and field programs facing extinction

BOSTON (Oct. 6, 2020) – Tracksmith, an independent running brand, today announces the launch of the Alumni Championship, a new virtual race aimed at reigniting the competitive spirit, and from which profits will go to support collegiate track and field programs facing extinction.

The Alumni Championship is open to athletes 18 and over from around the world. Runners are invited to choose their college affiliation and run a two-mile race on a track or road between October 31 and November 8. Prizes will be awarded based on fastest men and women, open, masters and teams.

“Whether you ran in college or not, whether you’re in fighting shape or fighting to get back into it, we invite you to join fellow alumni and fans for a two-mile race and ultimate bragging rights,” said Tracksmith Athlete Experience Manager Nick Willis. “With no collegiate championships until March, this is as close as we’ll get to crowning a 2020 champ.”

Profits from the Alumni Championship virtual race will go to establishing a fund to support college track and field programs facing elimination by their athletic departments, equipping them with the tools and framework they need to build their case to protect track and field.  This includes current efforts, led by athlete and Princeton track alumnus Russel Dinkins, to support the University of Minnesota and William and Mary College teams in their fight to be reinstated, as well as other programs facing similar challenges in the future.

“Cutting collegiate track and field programs weakens the foundation of our sport and harms some of our most promising athletes at the pinnacle of their careers,” said Matt Taylor, Tracksmith founder and CEO. “Track and field remains one of the most accessible sports for youth and young adults of all races and backgrounds. Decisions like these have ramifications for running that must be addressed head on before it’s too late. Now is the time to act and support programs in jeopardy and establish a precedent to protect against future cuts.”

For more from Matt Taylor on the fight to save track and field, please visit journal.tracksmith.com/save-college-track-and-field.

For more information about the Alumni Championship, please visit www.tracksmith.com/pages/alumni-championships.

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