Tour of Sufferlandria To Raise Funds for The Davis Phinney Foundation

February 6, 2020

The virtual cycling event scheduled for Feb. 15-23 and will raise funds to help people with Parkinson’s live well today

The virtual cycling event scheduled for Feb. 15-23 and will raise funds to help people with Parkinson’s live well today

Mythical Nation, Worldwide — The Sufferfest, an online platform that provides fierce (and fun) cycling, yoga, and strength training workouts for people all over the world and the Davis Phinney Foundation are joining forces for the 7th year in a row to raise funds to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. Annually, the event engages thousands of riders around the world who climb on indoor cycling setups of every kind to sweat it out through a challenging two week virtual tour, taunt and cheer one another in a massive online Facebook community and raise funds to win killer prizes. Last year, the event raised $200,000 for the Foundation and this year, the aim is to crush that goal raising $250,000.

Anyone with a stationary bike, turbo trainer, or rollers can join the brutal fun. All you need is the Sufferfest app which offers a free 14 day trial – perfect for this event. You can register here for the event known by fans and foes alike as the “Tour of Suf.” Join riders all over the world, join a team or create one, and conquer!

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the Sufferfest site for all the information you need.
  • Get a subscription to the Sufferfest app, or join a Sufferlandrian Embassy near you, searchable by zip code.
  • Register for your paincation and and make at least a $10 donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation.
  • Design your race number.
  • Complete each stage, ideally when it starts and ends in your timezone, though you do have a 50-hour window. Check out the Stages Countdown Timers or the ToS Challenge Page in the app for start and finish times for each stage.
  • Join the “official race village” or Facebook community for all things Sufferfest.

“Even though many major cycling events are months away, we do not hibernate in the winter,” says Richard Cook, the development director for the Davis Phinney Foundation. “Sufferfest is such a great way to kick off our year. Anyone can participate, and everyone who loves to exercise and raise money for an excellent cause should consider joining us in Sufferlandria, the tortured country on the shores of the Great Lactic Acid Sea.”

All donations will grant cyclists access to a remarkable prize pool including a Wahoo KICKR Smart Bike, Col Collective Cycling Tour, a custom Indigo bicycle, and tons of other amazing prizes. For every $10, you get one entry into the pool. In addition, AltRed, a betalains performance and recovery supplement, and a generous supporter of the Davis Phinney Foundation, will match all donations made before the start of the Tour up to $30,000!

The Davis Phinney Foundation was founded by Olympic cyclist Davis Phinney in 2004 to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. The organization’s focus is to provide programs and resources that offer inspiration, information and tools that enable people living with Parkinson’s to take action that can immediately improve their quality of life. Parkinson’s is the No. 2 neurodegenerative disease – second to Alzheimer’s – and affects over 1 million people in the United States. The Foundation’s work impacts hundreds of thousands of individuals and families each year.

Team DPF  is the grassroots fundraising community that supports the Davis Phinney Foundation through participation in a wide range of athletic and community-based events. With a focus on fun, personal empowerment and fundraising for Parkinson’s, Team DPF welcomes all ages and abilities. With roots in cycling, Team DPF also extends to runners, climbers, swimmers, hikers, community events and more. Team DPF is sponsored by: Primal, AltRed, SCRATCH Labs, BOCO Gear, The Sufferfest, Baker Insurance and Boulder Neurological and Spine Associates. Visit dpf.org to learn more.