Time-Based Virtual Challenges and Badges released on sodisp.com

February 11, 2021

Sodisp is the most complete and engaging platform to host virtual events and challenges. The only platform with Strava, Garmin and Polar auto-sync. Start your virtual event or challenge today on sodisp.com!

For challenges who put emphasis more on participation rather than performance we now offer a totalTime Challenge. As organizer you can set a target (in hours) and we’ll use the time component of each qualifying activity to make the rankings for the challenge. This allows you to create an even playing field regardless of whether your participants like yoga, Pilates, running, cycling or walking the dog: each active minute will count equally towards the challenge goal!

Total Time Badge

We have added a new badge metric to award badges based on the total active time during a challenge. This allows race organizers to create an inclusive challenge where participants are rewarded based on their active time rather than on their performance. As with any badge, accomplishing a time-based goal can trigger a personalized email with a shareable badge and optional sponsor message.

Conversion of distance based on sport types

A new advanced option has been released which allows event organizers to score different activity types differently. This is a great option to include cyclists and runners in the same (team) challenge but keeping a fair leaderboard. Using this option, it is possible, for instance, to make 4 cycling miles count the same as 1 running mile.

Convert zero-distance to a distance (to include yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling) in distance challenge

Using the same feature, you can also award distance based on time for activity types which don’t have a distance component. Examples are indoor cycling, yoga or Pilates. You can now define how much 1 hour of each of those activities should be worth towards a distance goal. For instance, you can make 1 hour or yoga count as 5 miles of running.

As race organizer all these options are now available in your Event Manager console. Feel free to mix-n-match those settings to make your challenge a unique virtual experience tailored towards your community!

Auto-sync with all major fitness brands enables the best possible experience

Using our unique Garmin, Strava, Fitbit, Polar, Suunto, and COROS integrations owners of these devices can automatically sync their activities the moment they save an activity on their app/watch! We will take their activity and connect it with the virtual challenges they participate in.

We also support manual entry and the upload of gpx files to allow everyone to join the challenge. We automatically validate each activity based on the selected activity type to keep leaderboards clean.

Host your first virtual challenge on sodisp for the ultimate experience

Hosting a virtual challenge on sodisp is easy; using our powerful self-service tools help you can go live within a day! Non-profits and smaller events can host their first challenge for free. Do you have a larger event or questions about a white-label or tailor-made solution? Contact us to discuss pricing and possibilities.

About sodisp: The name sodisp is short for social distancing sports. sodisp.com was launched in May of 2020 by the founder of the largest running app in The Netherlands with over 10 years of experience in the endurance sports industry. sodisp.com is the most engaging virtual challenge platform available on the market. Feel free to contact us at hello@sodisp.com.