This Scrappy Startup is Setting Out to Save Your Favorite Gym

April 15, 2020

O2 Recovery Drink creates profit share program in effort to funnel millions of dollars to fitness professionals and gym owners during a challenging time

COLUMBUS, OHIO – April 15, 2020– Thousands of independently owned and operated gyms have been forced to shut down as a result of COVID-19. But an unexpected force, O2 Recovery Drink, has created a profit share program that could funnel millions of dollars to fitness professionals and gym owners to support them in a challenging time.

Those businesses and their owners now face indefinite closures and uncertainties. “This is a scary time,” said O2 founder and CEO, Dave Colina. “Like many companies, I’m concerned about the impact COVID-19 is going to have on our business, but even more so, I’m worried about the thousands of gyms that might close permanently around the country. So instead of pulling back, we’ve pulled together a coalition of like-minded brands committed to donating 50% of their profits from online sales to local gym owners.”

“I have no other words right now to express my gratitude. This is incredible,” said Teri Williamson, owner of Black Bull CrossFit. “God bless you.”

So far, the coalition has raised well into the six figures. One participating brand, Born Primitive, raised $186,641 alone through sales on their website. “Consumer behavior has changed drastically in recent weeks,” said Bear Handlon, co-wwner of Born Primitive. “All brands and businesses are hurting right now. So while offering 50% of our profits might seem drastic, I think it is necessary to send the message to all the gym owners out there that the community has their back. No one is alone and we will get through this.”

Gym members from all over the United States have rallied in support of their gym owners and favorite instructors, and the proof is in the voice of the fitness community. So far, the number of people across the United States that have supported their local gym as a result of the initiative is nearing 10,000 and growing exponentially.

“This wasn’t a hard decision to make, it came down to doing the right thing for the community,” said Colina. “We have no plans of stopping and are currently exploring ways to expand O2’s impact and reach with other partners and brands. This is about supporting the people who got us to where we are today.”

If you are a gym owner that has been forced to close because of COVID19 or you are a Brand Owner and would like to join us, please contact us at: chalkup@drinko2.com.

About O2

Now more than ever, people are working out like elite athletes, but not taking the time to recover like the pros. O2 is making recovery more accessible, enjoyable, and convenient to help solve that problem. Developed by a physician and a CrossFit® trainer, O2 is a non-carbonated, keto-friendly recovery drink blending oxygenated water with electrolytes to help athletes accelerate their recovery without compromising their health.

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