The World’s Most Curly is ready for One Water Race

February 23, 2022

One Water Race 2022

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The world’s most curly and one of the most vivid team in the world of endurance racing, Team Curl are now ready for the One Water Race, the world’s toughest endurance race, 23-25 August 2022. Team No 7, USA is a team of merited endurance racers whose strength lies in their team spirit and positive attitude to extreme challenges. Perhaps the most important strength and a team that adds an important dimension to One Water Race.

The first official One Water Race, August 23-25, 2022, a new concept that strives to establish the world’s toughest endurance race. The racers will face one of humanity’s toughest challenges, over land and sea, 250 km, Stockholm, Sweden. A new era in endurance racing and climate activation – all for the benefit of our world waters and the award of $100,000 in prize money.

– We followed Team Curl in Eco Challenge Fiji and were impressed by their strength and personalities, such an incredibly important part of extreme challenges. One Water Race is another dimension but we think the team is very competitive and a true challenger, says Thomas Ogander.

One Water Race is a concept created to be the ultimate proof of human capacity, through a unique combination of adventure racing, orienteering, swimrun, ultramarathon and the distance and combination of running, swimming and navigation. One Water Race is a professional race and created for the best endurance racers in the world. A level required to meet the extreme challenge, 250 kilometers from Arholma in the north to Landsort in the south, a distance of 6 marathons running and swimming. Nonstop.

One Water Race is adapted for a maximum of 10 teams, each team consists of 3 racers and a team captain, with both sexes needing to be represented and be out on the course the entire time. One Water Race wants to reward the racers for the extreme effort required with one of the highest prize money in endurance racing, $ 100,000.

The admissions process is tough and it is of the utmost importance to ensure that participating teams have the required capacity. The draft continues and Thomas Ogander can present the seventh team in One Water Race 2022 – Team No 7, USA. A team of impressive endurance racers with experience from Eco Challenge Fiji, Ironman World Championship Kona, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Arizona Trail Race, Trans Monterey Bay Swim, Odyssey Alcatraz Swim, High Altitude Mountaineering Expeditions and nonstop multiday races.

Team No 7, USA

Brett Gravlin, 40, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Lara Sloan, 44, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Justin Smith, 39, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Team Captain, TBD

– This is an impressive team with a wonderful attitude and team spirit that will take them far. They are also ocean going people with a commitment to our world waters that agrees well with the values of One Water Race. However, a challenge will be the preference for waffles and the question is how it will affect them during the race, says Thomas Ogander. 

– Team Curl is all about showing people you can push your limits while still having fun along the way. Grinding and being in the pain cave is a place we relish and try to visit as often as possible. We bring a multitude of sports disciplines which go above and beyond just swimming and running and feel this helps us work together and really figure out ways to succeed when all looks grim. The Swedish archipelago is one of the most magical places on earth and getting to push are bodies to the extreme in this environment and One Water Race is the dream, says Brett Gravlin.

Merits Team No 7, USA

Brett Gravlin

  • Collegian Swimmer, University California, Santa Cruz
  • 2001 Trans Monterey Bay Swim Guinness Book of World Record for Relay
  • 2019 World’s Toughest Race, Eco-Challenge Fiji Team Curl
  • 2021 Adventure Race Mammoth, CA (36 hrs, 4th place)

Lara Sloan

  • 2015 Pikes peak ascent, Colorado Springs
  • 2016 Vic-Maui Sailing race, Victoria BC (16 days, 2nd place)
  • 2017 Trek Cycling Tour, Mallorca, Spain (5 days)
  • 2017 Ironman 70.3 North American Pro Championships, St. George, Utah
  • 2017 Ironman Full Distance, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
  • 2019 Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz, CA
  • 2019 Odyssey Alcatraz Swim, San Francisco
  • 2021 Ironman 70.3 World Championships, St. George Utah
  • 2012 Adventure race, Mammoth, CA, Team Curl (36 hrs)

Justin Smith

  • 2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe (1st place, age group)
  • 2014 Ironman World Championships, Kona
  • 2015 Seattle to Alaska Bicycle Tour
  • 2016 Stagecoach 400 (67 hrs, 7th place)
  • 2017 Arizona Trail Race 750 (197 hrs, 1st place)
  • 2017 Trans Northern CA 400 (52hrs, 2nd place)
  • 2017 Stagecoach 400 (ITT 62 hrs)
  • 2019 2018 Colorado Trail Race 500 (125 hrs, 5th place)
  • 2019 World’s Toughest Race Eco Challenge Fiji, Team Curl
  • 2020 Trans Northern CA 400 (50 hrs, 1st place)
  • 2021 Expedition Oregon Adventure Race (100 hrs)
  • 2022 Expedition Panama

One Water Race: August 23-25, 2022

Teams:            Max 10 mixed three-man teams, consisting of women and men, from all over the world.

Distance:         250 km, of which 200 km running and 50 km swimming.

Location:         Stockholm archipelago, Sweden

Start:                Arholma

Finish:             Landsort

Prize money:   USD 100,000

One Water Race

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/644496704

TV studio: https://vimeo.com/647430376

For further information, high-resolution images and interview requests, please contact:

Heléne Airijoki, press contact SpoilConcept, email: helene.airijoki@spoilconcept.se or +46 73 385 03 19.

Thomas Ogander, One Water Race, email: thomas.ogander@onewaterrace.com or +46 70 749 00 85.