The World’s First Blockchain-Based Cycling Community Announced

November 15, 2021

Welcome to Bike Club, the world’s first community-driven NFT project for cyclists, with 10,000 unique cycling avatars by world renowned artist Rich Mitch. Bike Club is an entirely new way for riders globally to engage with industry, athletes, and brands with unprecedented access and opportunity.


  • World’s first blockchain-based cycling club
  • All art created by UK cycling artist Rich Mitch
  • 10% of all revenues donated to cycling-related charities and advocacy groups
  • Membership provides access to private groups, channels, Strava Club, and more
  • Members receive exclusive access to events, brands, athletes, industry leaders, deals, and giveaways
  • Membership is verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Bike Club avatars, called “Riders”, are fully owned, sellable, and transferable by the Club Member
  • Massive brand support from the cycling industry
  • Created and managed by cycling industry veterans
  • Launch date: November 15, 2021
  • Mint date: Mid-January 2022


Bike Club members receive a unique Rider avatar randomly generated from more than 100 unique traits designed by Rich Mitch. The Rider serves as their fully owned, fully transferable proof of membership. Members will have access to private channels and digital rooms where pros, celebrity riders, coaches, brands, and cyclists everywhere will share in unprecedented community engagement. From AMA’s to giveaways, the digital benefits are only the beginning.

The Bike Club roadmap includes IRL rides with pros, VIP experiences at major events (think Sea Otter, Unbound, BWR, etc.), deliver hard-to-get race entries, and so much more. Pre-launch sneak peeks, exclusive pre-order opportunities, and special deals will provide ongoing value far, far beyond the initial mint price, delivering outsized value to every member.


We firmly believe that the future of community, gaming, social media, and commerce is being built on the blockchain. Bike Club is leaning into this future by digitally recreating the strong cycling culture we all enjoy, allowing free and open communication between brands, athletes, events, and riders while creating massive value for everyone involved.

While the best perks will be reserved for Club Members, anyone can get involved and be part of the community. Our Discord server (launching soon) will serve as the hub for Bike Club’s community, and anyone will be able to access and participate in most channels. But there will be private Members-only channels, plus real-world meetups, rides, and events, too, that reward Members for being part of the Club.

Driving this project is a commitment to improve cycling opportunities, access, safety, and equality for every rider, everywhere. Bike Club will donate 10% of all revenues and royalties, forever, to the organizations and people who are improving cycling in the most impactful ways.

As a community based club, we will lean on our Members to steer our charitable efforts to direct the money to those groups, people, and areas who have an outsized impact in their local communities, as well as national and international non-profits that improve cycling infrastructure and opportunities on a global scale.

More benefits and information are found on our website at BikeClub.io.


You’ll find a list of all brands already on board on our website, and that list is growing daily. Industry support for this project has been overwhelmingly positive, making it even more exciting for cyclists everywhere to get involved.

Top brands like Alchemy, Rotor, BMC, Fezzari, Silca, White Industries, Kali, Niner, Prologo, Felt, and many more have all pledged their support. You’ll find a constantly updated list of all brand partners on our website.


Contact: press@bikeclub.io


Photos: Press Pack
FAQ: https://bikeclub.io/bike-club-nft-faq/


Twitter: @bikeclubNFT
Instagram: @bikeclubNFT
Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/bike-club