The Third AR World Series South American Championship Opens Registration

June 30, 2023

The MALACARA RACE in Brazil is betting on being the biggest and most popular ARWS South American Championship to date!

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The third ARWS South American Series is already underway and registrations are now open to bring together 160 athletes from across the continent at the Championship final in Brazil.

After the Championship races of the 2020 and 2021 series at the Vulcania AR at Pucón in Chile and La Gesta in Paraguay, it’s now the turn of the MALACARA RACE in Brazil, and they are betting on being the biggest and most popular ARWS South American Championship to date!

The chosen venue will be Orleans in the very heart of the state of Santa Catarina, less than 3 hours away from Florianópolis and a few kilometres from some of the most incredible places in the state such as the Serra do Río Do Rastro and the Sao Joaquim National Park.

The athletes will arrive between December 7th and 8th, and the race will start at dawn on Saturday the 9th, finishing on Sunday afternoon (10th).

For those who participated in previous editions of MALACARA, the professional organizing team led by Leo Borba and Benito Brocca is well known and their expedition race has already secured its place on the ARWS global qualifier circuit next year.

In their bid to continue growing and contributing to the South American adventure community, they have their own trackers and build and supply their own packrafts for the paddling stages.

There is no doubt that the Catarinense mountains will be the main challenge to face the best athletes in South America during a 30-hour/230km race, where navigation will be an essential element.

The experienced Outdoors SM team from Argentina, led by Facundo Romera and the Paraguayan Team Angiru, led by Saul Jara, have already qualified for the Championship race with their wins in series races so far this year.

They will be joined by the winners of the Huairasinchi Aventura in Ecuador, the Charrúa Challenge in Uruguay and the Tierra Indomita Desert Challenge in Chile. Also present will be the defending and 2-time South American champions, Team Brazil Multi Sport.

And, of course, the best athletes from the country and from the Brazilian Federation will once again seek to measure themselves at an international level in their own territory.

The race promises to have a high level of competition and is presented as the best year-end challenge for Latin American adventurers. The winning team will secure an invited place to the 2024 Adventure Racing World Championship in ECUADOR!

There are only places for 40 teams available, so early entry is recommended as the race will fill up quickly.

For details and to enter visit https://www.malacararace.com.br/

Watch the race promo video at: https://youtu.be/J1b_fxhhwn8

For more information on the ARWS South America Series see; www.arworldseries.com

The Malacara Expedition Race will be a full ARWS Qualifier next year, taking place from April 19th 2024 from São Francisco de Paula.

The video documentary of this year’s Malacara Expedition race will premiere on the ARWS YouTube Channel on Saturday July 15th. The film is produced by Samuel Eloy / Vi-Vendo.TV.

Sign up at https://www.youtube.com/c/ARWorldSeries to be notified when the race movie goes live.