The SOS Curacao Offers Crypto Prize Purse

February 26, 2021

Willemstad, Curacao – The SOS Curacao March 12, 2022 looks to blaze a new path in the Triathlon world by offering Bitcoin as part of the prize purse to Athletes!

Foundation Tri Curacao and PC Racing are looking to make the SOS Curacao a house hold name and by implementing cutting edge innovations such as adding Cryptocurrency to the mix, it will surely be a new twist no one saw coming.

“As a proponent of Cryptocurrencies, I love the forward thinking of the The SOS Curacao and their desire to create the first crypto prize purse for triathlon. With all the options available to receive and convert payments these days, SOS racing is ahead of the curve in their offering to athletes”. Franko Vatterott, Human Interest Group

The SOS Curacao the greatest Adventure race in the Caribbean on the exotic island of Curacao will allow you to give yourself a Race-Cation!

With a 20k Bike, 1k Swim, 5k Run, 1.4k Swim. 5.5k Run and 1.2k Swim to the Finish at the beautiful LionsDive Beach Resort, you are afforded the luxury to not only Race but have a few days to explore all our island has to offer.

“Curacao, one of the best hidden secrets, with the SOS Curacao, its one island and event you will not want to miss!” _ Sandy Jameson

Registration opens March 31, 2021 then come and “Live the Adventure” at the SOS Curacao Triathlon March 12, 2022.

Be a part of History when you race through our History and see Cryptocurrency take center stage at its first Triathlon.

The SOS Curacao Triathlon
March 12, 2022