The Running Power Performance Decoder (PPD-R): INSCYD’s New Weapon

February 15, 2021

Virtual human performance lab — Lab level accuracy and wealth of data independent of location

15/02/21 – Salenstein, Switzerland. INSCYD, the most advanced physiological performance analysis software, launches the Running Power Performance Decoder (PPD-R). INSCYD brings to market the running-specific technology for the high-performance sector of the sport as well as to all levels of runners. Understanding how a runner is operating physiologically is a fundamental key to better performance, more accurate training and long-term health.

Eliminating the barrier of access to a testing lab, the Running Power Performance Decoder by INCSYD allows coaches and athletes to carry out performance diagnostics independent of location, at any time, with laboratory accuracy, yet without the required need for a lab. The technology works in combination with lactate/VO2 = lab or field-testing data and also entirely remotely.  This newly launched tool can be used in the lab, outside on the field by a coach – or remotely by the athlete alone. With only the need of an accurate GPS watch for the athlete, INSCYD’s Running Power Performance Decoder(PPD-R) allows the athlete to do the testing in a real running environment, not a treadmill simulation.

Until now, physiological testing has only been conducted in labs. Data from training and racing both stood separately and no technology to melt this data together to create one overall picture has existed. The Running Power Performance Decoder(PPD-R) is the only technology to combine data from training and racing with laboratory data (including body composition, lactate and VO2).  INSCYD is the only physiological assessment tool that captures aerobic and glycolytic performance (VO2max and VLamax).

“Our vision is to help athletes (of all levels) train more efficiently/increase performance by disclosing specific areas where they need and can improve in, and where they should focus their training time and effort on. The Running Power Performance Decoder makes physiological analysis accessible to runners of all levels. This technology has been tested and developed with world class athletes and is now available to athletes, no matter where they are located.” — Industry Leading, Sports Scientist, Sebastian Weber.

INSCYD cutting-edge proven diagnostic software has been incorporated into endurance sports analysis since 2017, with the new PPD-R being the first of its kind in the sport of running. INSCYD’s technology has been used by professional cycling teams and other Olympic sports such as swimming, skiing, canoe, skating – as well as professional football teams and Formula 1. The PPD technology has been used by professional Tour de FranceTMcycling teams and coaches since April 2020.

The first software combining field and lab data

PPD-R is the first and only tool on the market, that combines physiological data such as VO2, lactate, body composition data (collected in field testing or lab testing) with data derived by the athlete in training – such as maximum performances over certain distances / durations. Up to now, athletes have had to go to a performance diagnostics lab for a lactate or VO2max test to measure performance results such as their training zones. The coach could make them run certain distances outside or use their PB time over a certain distance. But both test results stood separately with no way to melt the data metrics together for a complete diagnostics profile. The same athlete was “running on two systems” with all software available so far and the summary was far from applicable to understand training load, recovery time and fuel consumption.

Also important in the PPD-R is fat and carb combustion – FatMax zone. Even visiting a lab most people don’t get this data because metabolic testing (fat & carb) is rare, expensive and – sorry to say- often inaccurate (daily diet affects the results). PPD-R changes this by merging field and lab data to enable coaches to see how the data relates to one another and how they are to be looked at as a unit.

The revolution of performance diagnostics

When it comes to performance parameters, field tests have up to now been of very limited use only. While lab diagnostics provided VO2max, lactate threshold, and sometimes fat & carb combustion and the like, field testing was restricted to determining the respective athlete’s FTP or threshold. A very minimalistic way of performance testing.

PPD-R offers up the following data

  • VO2max maximum aerobic capacity
  • VLamax maximum anaerobic capacity
  • FatMax
  • Accumulation rate of lactate at high intensities
  • Recovery rate of lactate at low intensities
  • Fat/Carb combustion (kcal/h and g/h)
  • Anaerobic Threshold

This combined data profile allows coaches to measure and quantify the respective athlete’s unique characteristics and create a customized training plan to improve training schedules, race performances and help athletes reach goals.

Remote testing, evaluation within minutes

PPD-R allows coaches to test athletes remotely: outdoor, on their time and as part of their typical training schedule. And: in the environment they train in. No loss of accuracy due to projecting lab treadmill data to outdoor running. The athlete gets a test protocol which is easy to carry out outdoors. The data is sent back to the coach, and evaluation takes only minutes in INSCYD. From there, the coach and athlete can review the test results and formulate training plans and goal assessments.

No other tool on the market guarantees such accurate measurement

INSCYD opens up a whole new world for coaches and athletes. The innovative performance diagnostics provide a reliable all-round view of all the athlete’s physiological data and create an individual 360° metabolic performance profile that allows an immediate analysis of strengths and weaknesses. The coach can use the results to determine the best course of action for upcoming training measures.

INSCYD is the only validated tool to measure maximum anaerobic or to be more precise glycolytic capacity measurement tool (VLamax) that provides such precise and accurate data

“I use VLamax as the main parameter to prepare the training.” — Dan Lorang, coach of World Champion Triathlete Jan Frodeno, Anne Haug & Team BORA

In addition, it shortens and simplifies the workload because it requires only a small amount of data and uses innovative algorithms to accurately calculate a large number of physiological metrics. This includes aerobic power, glycolytic power, anaerobic threshold, energy cost of locomotion (economy), fuel contribution (Fat vs. Carbohydrate), rate of lactate accumulation, rate/speed of recovery, aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution, buffering capacity, glycolytic utilization, and many more performance metrics.

Thoroughly tested by institutes, professionals and coaches

Validation studies have been completed by national performance institutes and local hospitals internationally, in addition to INSCYD’s technology being used by world championship athletes and teams around the world.In the past months, PPD has been utilized and thoroughly tested by professional cycling teams Jumbo-VISMA, Movistar Team, Alpecin-Fenix as well as by many WorldTour coaches and coaching businesses and the coaches of world’s top professional triathletes (Lionel Sanders, Sebastian Kienle)— also in direct comparison to lactate- and lab tests.


INSCYD is a holistic tool, enabling innovative performance diagnostics to create a granular analysis of the physiology of an athlete and therefore the creation of highly individual and laser focused training programs. INSCYD is the only scientifically validated tool to measure glycolytic power (=VLamax). The company, based in Switzerland, was founded by renowned sports scientist Sebastian Weber who has been active in professional cycling for more than 20 years. Weber has been in charge of professional cycling teams HTC/Highroad/Columbia, Katusha, Cannondale and the multiple world champions Tony Martin, Peter Sagan and 11x Tour de France stage winner André Greipel. INSCYD is used by over 400 coaches and performance diagnostic institutes around the world. In addition, world-class teams, athletes and federations work with the smart tool, such as professional cycling teams Jumbo-Visma, Movistar, Alpecin-Fenix, sports federations: German Triathlon Federation, French Swimming Federation, German Swimming Federation, Belgian Cycling Federation, American Canoe Association, and many more.

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