The RunnerBox and The RiderBox Latest Editions Bring the Heat with New to Market Products

August 27, 2021

The RunnerBox and The RiderBox unveiled their latest editions which showcase featured picks to help subscribers bring the heat to workouts and races as the summer winds down. Consistently named the top subscription box for athletes, The RunnerBox and The RiderBox deliver bi-monthly boxes to subscribers that highlight the top nutrition and gear of the season.

Starting at just $28, their newest edition boasts over $70 of value and include brand-new product releases from Skratch Labs and Muc-Off. Boxes will be delivered directly to current subscribers as well as anyone who signs up during the months of August or September.

“Finding the right products to train with in the heat is hard, but we couldn’t be more excited about the cohort of brands we selected for this box which will help subscribers conquer the remaining months of summer,” said The RunnerBox and RiderBox CEO, Laura Jorgensen. “Each of the partners featured has put painstaking detail and passion into their product and I’m confident that subscribers are going to be absolutely delighted with each item they receive in this edition.”

Below are the products included in the box which were hand-selected by The RunnerBox and RiderBox’s team of professional athletes as the best products to help subscribers bring the heat to their workouts and training. To order this edition, visit therunnerbox.com

For All Subscribers:

Quench Gum

This childhood favorite is back with a new and improved formula! Bursting with flavor and electrolytes, Quench Gum will slake subscribers’ thirst while reminding them of the good old days.

MSRP: $1.99 


Invented by a Nobel prize winning endurance athlete, HOTSHOT delivers a (literal) spicy shot to the hyperactive nerves that will help subscribers reduce cramping. MSRP: $3.99

Sans Meal Bar

Sans may mean without, but this is a bar you’re going to want to be with. Ingredient forward and made with real food, this calorie dense bar will keep subscribers stay fueled and full. MSRP: $3.59

Infinit Cold Brew Protein Coffee

Proffee = coffee + protein and Infinit has dialed it. Subscribers will simply need to add the sachet they receive in their box to ice water and they’ll have 20-grams of delicious, caffeinated whey isolate coming their way. MSRP: $3.25

Skratch Labs Sport Crispy Rice Cake

Skratch has nailed the “when you wanna be a healthy athlete, but you also wanna eat all the treats”, product of the year with this bar. It delivers complex carbs through puffed rices and toasted grains held together by heavenly marshmallow that will keep subscribers’ tastebuds begging for more. MSRP: $1.89

LMNT Recharge

Hold the sugar, please. LMNT is keeping it salty while leaving out the sugar, fillers, and artificial ingredients. Focused specifically on endurance athletes, subscribers will receive eight sachets of this innovative drink mix which is loaded with electrolytes, particularly sodium. MSRP: $13.00

Muc-Off Dry Shower

Subscribers will officially have zero excuses to be the smelly guy (or gal)! after they receive this anti-bacterial, zero-water-required body wash which is specifically formulated to kill odor causing bacteria and germs when no shower is in sight. MSRP: $9.99

GoGo squeeZ Morning SmoothieZ

Despite the misnomer that these pouches are for kids, their mixture of creamy yogurt, gluten free whole oats, and yummy fruit packs a potent punch of protein and carbs that makes for subscribers’ perfect post-workout refuel.

MSRP: $1.35

Lyfe Blends Performance Peanut Butter

Subscribers will receive a four-serving pouch of this game-changing, performance enhancing peanut butter. Loaded with electrolytes and an ayurvedic mushroom blend called PeakO2® that has been proven to improve time to exhaustion, this functional food is an athlete’s dream. MSRP: $5.99

Torq Chew Bar

Specifically designed so subscribers don’t bite off more than they can chew, Torq’s innovative chew bar will allow subscribers to select how much is the right amount all while delivering 30g of carbs and real chunks of pineapple. MSRP: $2.50

 For Riders Only:

Mueller Kinesiology Tape

Subscribers will receive pre-cut strips of this incredibly effective kinesiology tape which is a perfect (and convenient) way to reduce pain and stress caused by long days in the saddle. MSRP: $10.00

GoGo squeeZ Fruit & VeggieZ

Apples, peach, and sweet potato – oh my! Subscribers will amp up their real-food energy game with this fun and delicious alternative to riding fuel. MSRP: $1.36

For Runners Only:

Wuru Blister Wool

Subscribers will receive a full bag of this blister preventer which uses the wonder of wool and its cushioning, moisture-wicking, friction-reducing, and breathable properties to create the most effective, non-adhesive blister barrier we’ve ever seen. MSRP: $10.95

GoGo squeeZ Happy TummieZ

Running and gut issues are like two peas in a very unfortunate pod. Fortunately, subscribers will be introduced to this pouch which is loaded with prebiotics and is a delicious and convenient way to nourish the good bacteria in the gut that keeps tummies happy. MSRP: $1.35

Those looking to receive everything above for as little as $28 can do so at therunnerbox.com while supplies last.

 About The RunnerBox and The RiderBox

The RunnerBox is the longest-standing subscription box in the endurance space. Offering boxes for runners and cyclists, it is a fun and easy way for any athletes to receive a regular supply of products to enhance their active lifestyles. Each box is filled with hand-picked products tested and approved by a team of professional athletes and nutrition experts. The RunnerBox and RiderBox offer subscriptions which are shipped every second month in addition to limited edition boxes and one-time gift boxes. To learn more about The RunnerBox visit www.therunnerbox.com