The Race of a Lifetime

January 12, 2023

Ultra X launch 2024 event around Mt. Kilimanjaro

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Global ultra-marathon events series, Ultra X launch their first 2024 race, a 5 day, 220km race around Kilimanjaro, adding to their collection of life-changing experiences.

  • Ultra X Tanzania 220 is a multi-stage ultra-marathon taking place over five days.
  • The race takes place in the stunning, scenic, and seldom travelled backcountry of northern Tanzania around Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Competitors can expect to climb part way up the bucket list mountain Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.
  • During this unforgettable week, competitors will experience the place, the people, and the beauty of this iconic country in full.
  • Ultra X Tanzania is a UTMB® World Series Qualifier in the 100K category.

“This is one race location we have had our eyes on for a while, and we cannot wait to bring it to life next June. Competitors can expect incredible scenery, a huge variety of terrain that really does showcase the best of the country, some wildlife, and a week they will never forget.”

Sam Heward, Ultra X Co-Founder

About this Race

Organisers, Ultra X have specifically designed this 220km five stage ultra marathon to ensure that each stage is totally unique and the event showcases the diversity and beauty of the country.

The course starts at the crater lake of Lake Chala on the Kenyan border before heading to the national park that hosts the main attraction, the reason the runners are there, Mount Kilimanjaro. Competitors climb halfway up the great mountain before sweeping down through the rural countryside and sugar plantations to Namalok Nature Reserve and the Blue Mountains.

Each day from Monday to Friday involves one stage, which will commence between 05:00 and 08:00 and range between 30km and 70km. There are checkpoints stationed approximately 10km apart where competitors can access water, shelter, and, if necessary, support including physical therapists and medics.

Each night, competitors will camp in locations chosen to showcase the very best of the local area, where they can enjoy physiotherapy treatment, medical care, and hot water.

After the final stage on Friday, participants will have a chance to enjoy their first taste of ‘real food’ that week. The race organisers host a big BBQ around the campfire celebrating the success of every single competitor. The prize giving and awards ceremony also takes place, as well as some local entertainment.

About Ultra X

Ultra X organise a series of multi-stage ultra marathons in some of the most exotic and exciting places on the planet. Their mission is to put on life-changing, transformative experiences and provide best in class support to participants to allow anyone to take on one of their events. Ultra X believe that the experience of a multi-stage race is one of the best experiences that anyone can have and their aim is to get more people participating.

“These events will totally change life as you know it. From the people you meet, to the miles you cover, there’s something about the days in the Ultra X bubble that make you feel more alive than ever, even when you’re at your most exhausted.”

James Cooke, Ultra X Competitor