The leading endurance calendar Ahotu has launched a new site and brand

January 25, 2023

The world’s biggest endurance sports calendar, Ahotu, now has a revamped platform and a renewed brand, introducing many new features to its global user base

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Ahotu started off as a French calendar for long-distance running events. A lot has happened since then and now Ahotu is a global calendar covering more than twenty types of endurance sports — both well-known international events and smaller, local ones. As a next step in Ahotu’s journey, a new platform and a new brand have been developed; reflecting the mission to help athletes find their next challenge!

‘Our goal is to inspire athletes to discover new events. Whether they are looking for a picturesque trail, a local 5K run, or a thrilling cycling stage race on another continent, they should find it on Ahotu. At the same time we want to support event organisers to increase the number of participants, which is even more important after the pandemic.’

Charlotte Melchert, CEO of Ahotu (part of World’s Sports Group)

The redesign was done to reflect the company’s new brand identity as well as to improve the user experience, with focus on the event search and navigation. Since Ahotu lists more than 80K races, search is a core component of the platform. Many new filters and features have been added to help users find their perfect race.

Initial elements of Ahotu’s brand evolution include:

  • New Logo: A bold, yet smooth logotype combines the solidity with playful curves and uplifting colours. The logo is reflecting the mission to make endurance sports accessible to everyone;
  • New Brand Colours: The fresh green colour, is the main brand colour and speaks to the diversity and richness in endurance sports. The navy blue represents stability, and the trustworthiness and comprehensiveness of the event data;
  • New Brand Promise: We help you discover the world through endurance
  • The name: Ahotu comes from French Polynesia and when broken down, combines the word “Wave” with the word “Prosperity”. Ahotu encompasses the reward (mentally and physically) we as humans feel from movement. The reward of not only strengthening one’s body and mind, but also of being able to discover the world and the inner self!

This was just the first step in revamping Ahotu, with many new features planned in the coming year.