The launch of RACE EXPLORER – Innovation in Race Results

December 16, 2020

After a tough year for mass participation events, many race directors are looking for an edge to generate more engagement in their event for 2021.  The launch of RACE EXPLORER– a visual race analytics service for all event types – provides an exciting and interactive way for competitors to review their race results.

RACE EXPLORER’S primary feature is its interactive race map, which plots each competitor as a responsive icon on a virtual race field.  The race distributions become immediately apparent, which are otherwise not easily recognizable in traditional tables of results.

Each competitor icon is interactive, revealing their bib number, race time and category and overall positions. The competitor highlight feature ensures quick locating of competitors in a crowded field.

A key aspect of the RACE EXPLORER service is that it requires minimal effort by the busy race director and is compatible with almost all timing systems and formats.  The service also supports but is not limited to running, cycling, swimming and triathlons.

RACE EXPLORER founder Grant Henderson, a visual data analyst, says the aim of RACE EXPLORER is to provide a hosted platform that any event can tap into, regardless of their current infrastructure, “I’ve been a competitor in events where we finish and are presented with a quite unspectacular and bland table of results.  Race Explorer is designed for competitors to be excited by the race results and to visualize and explore them in more depth.  It provides further analysis on category participation and average pace.”

“For race directors who have expended substantially in a timing solution for their event, it’s a fun and cost-effective add-on that completes their investment and ensures they maximize their potential engagement.  Social media comments for published events typically range from ‘awesome’ to ‘cool’. This is about engaging competitors in the event and keeping the hype going.”

Race explorer is not only targeted to race directors, with event and timing companies also able to take advantage of RACE EXPLORER SERIES to personally brand and offer the Race Explorer service across all their events.

Further details and recent events are available on the RACE EXPLORER website: https://raceexplorer.com or by email to events@raceexplorer.com