tentreeⓇ to launch Circularity by tentree program to keep secondhand clothing out of landfills

August 9, 2022

tentree’s first-of-its-kind partnership between resale platform Treet and textile recycler SuperCircle will offer customers a two-prong rehoming solution for worn tentree apparel

Vancouver, BC (August 9, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – tentreeⓇ is thrilled to announce the launch of their new Circularity by tentree program, a one-of-a-kind initiative that will bring the brand closer to a full closed-loop process by offering solutions for customers to resell or recycle their used tentree clothing through partner programs Treet and SuperCircle.

An estimated 11 million tons of textile waste made their way into landfills in 2018, up 170% since 2000[1]. Depending on the type of fabric, articles of clothing can sit in landfills for centuries without breaking down. Circularity by tentree is the first solution to marry the two paths of “reuse” and “recycle” through their partnership with textile recycler SuperCircle and resale guru Treet. The goal of the program is for tentree clothes to stay out of the landfill and in circulation either as tentree products or as new, upcycled products. Customers request a free shipping label and send their clothing to SuperCircle, where they determine whether:

  1. The product is qualified to be resold. If so, the product will be posted through tentree’s resale shop powered by Treet, which will feature a variety of discounted, pre-loved tentree products.
  2. The product is recycled. If the clothing has been on a few too many adventures to be resold, tentree’s recycling partner, SuperCircle, will ensure that products are broken down and recycled into new materials that can live a new life as another article of clothing, padding, or insulation.

“Our number one priority with Circularity by tentree was to keep clothing out of landfills,” Diana Seung, President of tentree, said. “When you keep products alive – either in the original form or as a new upcycled product – you’re not only eliminating waste but also cutting the carbon footprint of the product in half and reducing the need for new materials. We prioritize earth-first materials, and setting up a circularity program was the next step to closing that loop; at some point we’d like to see recycled tentree product come back to life in our newest releases.”

Customers will receive credit towards future purchases after returning their product, which tentree hopes will serve as an incentive to drive customers to keep their clothing in circulation.

“tentree is blazing the trail for a new breed of circularity that weaves resale with recycling to create the greatest impact,” Jake Disraeli, Co-Founder and CEO of Treet, said. “We’re thrilled to partner with this amazing group of circular solutions to ensure every tentree item lives its longest life.”

The integration of resale and recycle opportunities from Treet and SuperCircle into one initiative streamlines the process of circularity, and ensures that each item lives its most sustainable life.

“We’re excited to partner with Treet to help tentree – an industry leader in sustainability – go circular,” Chloe Songer, Co-Founder and CEO of SuperCircle said. “tentree is taking responsibility for every item they’ve ever sold, diverting them from landfill and effectively establishing a new standard for circular commerce. We’re very proud that both recycling and recapture are being powered by SuperCircle’s turn key reverse logistics and technology platform.“

You can learn more about Circularity by tentree when it launches on the tentree site here: tentree.com. Please reach out with any questions to Maddie Jarrard at maddie@purpleorangepr.com.

About tentree

tentree is an earth-first lifestyle apparel brand whose mission is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 to drastically reduce climate change. Every tentree purchase has a purpose: for each item sold, the company and its partners plant ten trees somewhere around the world. With over 82 million trees planted to date, tentree is becoming the most environmentally progressive sustainable apparel brand on the planet. For more information, visit tentree.com or follow on Instagram @tentree.

  1. https://www.epa.gov/facts-and-figures-about-materials-waste-and-recycling/textiles-material-specific-data