Ten Days * A Thousand Miles

July 13, 2021

Team USA goes to Australia

1000 MILES TO LIGHT is an Ultra Running Event starting August 14 in the Australian Outback and finishing August 24 at the Byron Bay Lighthouse. This event features America’s Ultra Running Team:


This Endurance Event is an ultra footrace, relay style, between two international teams, TEAM USA and TEAM AUSTRALIA. Each team will tackle 1000 Miles in just ten days, with each runner covering 25 miles a day. That’s nearly a marathon a day for ten days straight.

1000 Miles to Light is both physical and symbolic. TEAM USA will race alongside TEAM AUSTRALIA, joining together to benefit Reach Out Australia, a mental health service providing support for individuals under 25 experiencing mental health issues. This empowering demonstration of unity, as they tackle this formidable challenge, will inspire and bring hope to others. Its culmination at the Byron Bay Lighthouse – the most western point in Australia – represents our two nations emerging together from the darkness created by the global pandemic. Others can support them by following the athletes 10 day journey online, joining the virtual run or donating to the non-profit Reach Out at www.1000milestolight.com

“In these dark global times, we are honored to host these four courageous Americans, joining us to use sport diplomacy to shine a light on mental health for our youth. Together with our four Australian runners we will show that there is a bright future after this pandemic and every step they take is a step closer to besting this.” – Honorable Pat Farmer, Order of Australia & 1000 Miles To Light Director, Australian Adventurer


Dean Karnazes: One of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, Dean Karnazes has run 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days. A world-renowned ultramarathoner, he has traveled to all seven continents twice. Dean is the recipient of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Lifetime Achievement Award and a NY Times bestselling author. His latest book is titled A Runner’s High.


Samantha Pruitt: Samantha has dedicated her last 20 years inspiring and coaching others to use endurance sports, outdoor adventure and human connection as powerful tools for change in their lives. After a mental and physical health crisis, Sam transformed her own life at age of 30 to become an Ironwoman, Ultra Endurance Runner and Adventure Athlete, finishing hundreds of races from 5 to 150 miles. As a business and community leader, Endurance Town USA Podcast Host, professional Event Director, and Life-Business Coach, Sam is HIGHLY motivated to connect humans with endurance sports, the outdoors and ultimately their own best selves.


Shan Riggs: Shan is a 42-year-old ultramarathon runner and sports sponsorship marketing professional. Hehas completed 45 ultramarathon races — winning several. During the pandemic in 2020 Shan ran across the entire United States, averaging 40 miles a day and raised over $45,000 for Foodshare, doing his own unique part to support the Feeding America program.


Katie Visco: An accomplished female adventurer, at age 23, Katie was the youngest woman to run solo across America. Her mission was to inspire others to follow their passions, and she spoke with more than 200 audiences along the way while also raising funds for Girls on the Run organization. No stranger to Australia, in 2019, Katie ran across the brutal continent with only her husband on a bicycle for support to show the importance of living your dreams and being able to do hard things. Katie and her husband produced a film Twenty-One Twelve: A Human Powered Adventure Across Australia, which debuts July 9th, 2021 on Vimeo and across Australia and New Zealand in the RunNation Film Festival this August. Ultimately, Katie’s adventures are an invitation to be brave and take action on the things you feel most deeply called to do. Katie also has 10+ years of experience as a coach, community-builder, and entrepreneur.


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